AD | Revamping Our Tableware With Habitat

If there’s one thing this year has taught me, it’s that it’s important to invest in good quality homewares. As we’ve spent much of the year at home as a family, I’ve found myself looking around each room, finding fault with little things here and there. Wonder what home accessories I could update.

Table Styling

For a long time now I’ve wanted to revamp our tableware. I’ve been longing for a beautiful serving bowl, new wine glasses, and gold cutlery. For me, a dinner party is just as much about the styling of the table, as it is about the food and drink. 

I’ve worked with Habitat on this post to show how revamping your home can be cost friendly, as well as good quality. I fell in love with their Maddox tableware sets. Particularly the wonderful aqua blue colouring of the plates and bowls. Also available in a cool grey colour, the collection is made in Portugal from stoneware, which has been finished with a reactive glaze, giving it a unique speckled appearance. They’re beautifully made and superb quality. 

Habitat Serving Plate

To compliment the Maddox range of dinnerware, I chose the Olmo serving platter and serving bowl. Also made in Portugal, the Olmo collection is exclusive to Habitat. I chose them in a natural tone, but they’re also available in turquoise and light blue. They too have a speckled finish thanks to their reactive glaze, so I think they work perfectly with the Maddox plates and bowls.

Habitat Serving Bowl

I also chose the Oslo set of brushed gold cutlery. Something I’ve wanted for so long, but had to convince my partner on. Thankfully when they arrived and were placed next to the stoneware, he too loved them. Cutlery can be expensive, but when you think you use cutlery every day, for every meal, it’s important to invest in good pieces. 

Habitat Tableware

The long stem wine glasses I chose are unfortunately out of stock, but Habitat has a beautiful range of wine glasses and champagne flutes. With both coloured and clear glass, some have unique shapes and patterns to them. I find I’m forever buying glasses. I love finding unique tumblers to use for water and alcohol. Just buying a couple now and again can really help revamp your kitchen/dining space.

Habitat Wine Glasses

Finally napkins and a vase help complete the table styling. Napkins are something I only recently thought about purchasing. When planning our wedding, we’ve decided on linen napkins placed on top of the plates. I love this idea and I can now recreate it at home with these white cotton napkins. 

Habitat Vase

A vase of flowers always makes a lovely centerpiece which you can move when you come to serve your food on the table. This showstopper of a vase is the Vermont in brown glass. At a whopping 33cm high, it’s big but I love that about it. Perfect for sunflowers and lilies. It’s also available in a dark blue colour, in a smaller size. 

Have you thought about switching things up in your home this year? Do you have a signature style when it comes to hosting dinner parties? Have you purchased homewares from Habitat before? I’d love to see if so!

*This post is in partnership with Habitat, but all photos, thoughts and words are my own.

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