Hey I'm Kim!

Welcome to my blog, Sweet Monday. I’m a food and lifestyle blogger, living in London with my partner and our little boy.

I love to create recipes, post about my travels, and share snippets of our home as we decorate.

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I’ve had a passion for interior design since I was in my early 20s. At the time, I worked for an Italian architecture and interiors company. My job swayed towards architectural design for inside the home. Think space saving solutions, clever kitchens and bathrooms that work for the whole family, and bringing the outdoors in. Alongside this I went back to college and completed a short course in Interior Design. Those couple of years gave me a wealth of experience, but as I was living at home with my family, I was unable to put my work into practice.

Fast forward almost a decade, and I now own a home, which my partner and I have redecorated throughout. Living in North London, it’s a small space, but we’ve made it ours.

Buying a home was an exciting time, but it’s come with a few surprises along the way. On the day we moved in, we were faced with a large leak from our bathroom into the home below. This wasn’t a quick fix, and required a complete overhaul of the bathroom. Luckily we couldn’t stand the suite installed, so this marked our first project, and kicked off a years worth of renovation.


Every evening you will find either my partner or I in the kitchen, making something from scratch for dinner. I find most of my inspiration on Pinterest, and love nothing more than experimenting and adapting recipes I bookmark. We both enjoy Italian, Mexican and Indian cusines. So expect to find a lot of those flavours in the recipes I share.

We also love to batch cook! I find it difficult cooking for only two, so most of our meals will serve at least four. But often on a Sunday afternoon, one of us will create a much larger dish, which we will portion up and freeze for a later date. These come in handy if we work long days, or one of us is out. Plus, since having a baby, batch cooking has been our go-to for a quick and easy dinner. My top tip if you’re expecting a child, is to fill your freezer with delicious meals for when baby arrives.