Thursday, 24 April 2014

Outfit // 6ks Sailor

Sweet Monday, Outfit, 6ks Sweet Monday blog, Shore Projects watch
Jumper - 6ks* // Jeans - Wrangler // Shoes - Rocket Dog // Watch - Shore Projects* // Lips - Mac 'Chilli'

Today's outfit is a rather simple one but nothing beats a good stripe top. In this case this red and white stripe one with a navy neckline is from 6ks. It's a really comfy fit and a sort of knitted fabric so it's perfect for the Autumn months here in Melbourne. 
I teamed it with my new Wrangler high pins jeans that Stew bought me for my birthday. My birthday's not until Friday but I've already been wearing them everyday! I really wanted a 'proper' pair of jeans. I'm terrible, normally opting for Primark ones that last a year, maybe less. So I decided to finally invest in some staple, long lasting items for my wardrobe. And these Wrangler beauts are the first on the list. I feel like my Mum in the 80's! I love them.

Also here's my Shore Projects Poole watch that you may have seen in this post last week. It's beauuuutiful! Truly an amazing design and another fantastic accessory that you can wear everyday and not get bored of. I would highly recommend the brand. 

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Outfit // Nica

Sweet Monday, Nica Sweet Monday blog, Nica Nica purse Nica bag
Jumper - She Inside // Dress - Glamorous* // Purse - Nica* // Boots - Hidden Fashion 

Blogging about the same dress that I only featured last week, however this leopard print dress went so well with my new tan coloured purse from Nica that it was the perfect match. I'm usually a black accessory kinda girl but just recently I have been opting for tan more and more. Now that we've moved into Autumn here in Melbourne I think tan is the perfect colour for this time of year. 

This beautiful purse from Nica, called Missy, features a cute geometric floral print to the front and plenty of room for money and cards inside. I always need a pretty large purse as I seem to have a thousand different cards, business cards, photos, receipts etc! And I always like to have a zip coin section. This one is perfect as the inner zip pocket is just that, inside the purse. Whereas on my last one the zip section was on the outside and whenever I opened it my money would fly out everywhere. It also has a really cute floral inner lining. You can see more details here on the Nica website.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Lifestyle // The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

Finally I'm getting around to blogging about my weekend away with Stew. As both of our birthday's are in April we decided to use our parents money on hiring a camper van and driving the Great Ocean Road!
I've had a few friends do it and I know it's one of those 'must see' sights of Melbourne. We had the van for 4 days and managed to drive the length of the Great Ocean Road which begins a little outside Melbourne and travels south along the coast, as well as a trip to Phillip Island and the Moonlit Sanctuary. But I'll be blogging about that and all the cute animals we encountered in another blog post. 

The Great Ocean Road Aireys Inlet, The Great Ocean Road

First stop on our journey was this lighthouse in Aireys Inlet which was featured on the kids TV show 'Round The Twist'. Do you remember it?! I used to love watching it on CBBC... "Have you ever, ever felt like this? When strange things happen, are you going round the twist?" I knew it was filmed in Australia but had no idea we'd see it on this road trip so that was really fun. 

The whole drive is mesmerising winding your way round cliff faces, through valleys, and alongside beautiful beaches. Near the end of the journey you arrive at the 12 Apostles. Another very famous sight here in Australia. Unfortunately it was a rather cloudy and miserable day so our photos aren't brilliant but it was a fantastic sight all the same. As is London Bridge which you can see below where the land has been battered into an arc. This used to be connected to the main land until the 90's hence it's bridge name but now the bridge has collapsed and only the smaller arc remains.

12 Apostles, Melbourne, Australia The Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles The Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, London Bridge

Another sight I didn't realise I'd see or walk through was a rain forest! I had no idea Australia was home to a rainforest but sure enough there is one and we walked through it to find these beautiful waterfalls. We also did a tree top climb through the canopy of the forest which was breathtaking.

Great Ocean Road, Triplet Falls Great Ocean Road, Waterfalls
Great Ocean Road, Australia

On our second night we camped in the seaside town of Lorne where we had dinner at a seafood restaurant on the pier. I went for the seafood piella and it was huge! It also contained many creatures I've never eaten before and so I had no idea where to start. But with the help of Stew and a handy pair of shell crackers I managed it. It was beautiful!

We then resided back to our camper and toasted marshmallows on our stove!

Lorne, Seafood Restaurant, Seafood Piella Toasted marshmallows, Lorne, The Great Ocean Road

Now we don't do things by halves when camping (ie. we're not campers and love our food). We had a mini fridge in the back of the van as well as two stoves and a sink. So we cooked up a storm for our breakfast the next morning... 

And whilst we were enjoying our full English the campers nearby called us to come over because up in the tree above us there was a koala!! A real life wild koala. I couldn't believe it. Apparently it's so rare to find them in a campsite like that so close to humans but because it's out of season and the site was almost deserted this little fella was brave enough to make his bed above us. Incredible!!

Full English breakfast, The Great Ocean Road Lorne, Koala, Australia

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Outfit // Lady in Red

Sweet Monday, Glamorous Sweet Monday blog, Glamorous Glamorous brown leather sandals
Top - Glamorous* // Jeans - Primark // Shoes - Glamorous* // Lips - Mac 'Russian Red'

Red isn't normally a colour I'm attracted too but I'm often told that red really suits brunettes. When browsing the Glamorous website I found this cami style top in a number of different colours but the red caught my eye. So unusual for me!
Now that I've worn it I really do love the colour. It's bright but not too over the top teamed with the dark jeans. I think I might have to invest in more red pieces. 

Please excuse the creases though! We have an iron but I hate ironing and hope that the creases will just fall out instead, which they don't. I steam all of the new arrivals at work and I really want to buy a steamer now! Or take my wardrobe to work with me and steam everything. Ironing is so boring compared.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lifestyle // Shore Projects

Shore Projects, watch

If you follow me on Instagram you would've already seen but here's a better photo of my brand new watch from Shore Projects. Isn't it beautiful? 

I was over the moon when I was contacted by Ben at Shore Projects regarding their amazing collection of watches. I'm not a huge accessory of jewellery fan but I love a beautiful watch and I wear one every day without fail.

Shore Projects

The brand bases the style and design of their watches around the British seaside and the packaging reflects this entirely. Founded by a group of friends who realised they never watches, they wanted to create a timeless design. Which sounds exactly like my way of thinking, I never wore watches until I bought the classic Casio and since then I love the beauty in the design of watches like this one. So effortlessly chic and so gorgeous that you can easily wear it with anything.

Shore Projects watch, designer wrist watch

The one I've chosen is called Poole and features a white face and silver plated stainless steel edge. The best thing about their watches is the innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap the strap to a different colour. Depending on your mood or outfit you can alter your watch to match! They have some really pretty pastel shades that I'm sure a lot of you will love!

Shore Projects wrist watch

What do you think of this watch? Are you a watch wearing kind of person?

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