Sunday, 14 September 2014

Outfit // Something For Jess

Sweet Monday, Outfit, Glamorous blazer, Asos broken knee skinny jeans Sweet Monday blog, Something For Jess Sweet Monday, Glamorous peach blazer Sweet Monday blog, Outfit Something For Jess Sydney Sweet Monday, Cloggs pony hair black leather boots Sweet Monday blog, Outfit Something For Jess, Chippendale Sydney
Blazer - Glamorous* // Tee - Boohoo // Jeans - Asos // Boots - Cloggs // Lipstick - Mac 'Please Me'

Something a little different for today's outfit post, I'm actually showing you wear I wore the outfit! So many times (I'm sure we've all been guilty for it) I've posted outfits where I've thrown them on, quickly ran outside, took photos and then took the outfit back off to normally put another one on to photograph. 
Recently I've taken a step back from the outfit side of my blog, mainly because I've been busy with work and exploring Sydney. And it's made me reconsider the way I post on my blog a little bit. I want to show you all more of what I'm up to, places I've visited, restaurants I've ate at etc. So hopefully posts like this will become more frequent as I'm going to take the time to photograph outfits I actually wear out and about on my days off :)

Last Tuesday on my day off, Stew didn't have work until 2.30pm so we had brunch at a new cafe that's popped up near where we live called Something for Jess. It's a super cute, very small cafe with a menu of around half a dozen dishes and a couple of specials. It's quaint, intimate and they sell great food using local produce. 

Stew chose the fig and raisin toast, whilst I opted for their almond toasted muesli with natural yogurt, seeds, berries and fresh fruit. It was served in this cute glass jar, an idea I've seen at a few cafes in Sydney. I love it! Really want to start making these for breakfast myself. 

The temperature was really warm last Tuesday too, so I was able to go out in just a tshirt and blazer, yay! Spring is finally here and I can't wait for Summer. This blazer is a newbie to the wardrobe from Glamorous. I love the colour of it. Will be wearing this lots to work I'm sure. 

Hoping you like this post today :) and although many of you haven't visited Sydney I hope you still like to look at the things I've eaten. I'm turning into a bit of a foodie!

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lifestyle // Rose Bay to Watson's Bay coastal walk

Sweet Monday, Double Bay, Sydney

Yesterday Stew and I had the day off and the weather was on our side for a change. It was a beautifully sunny day so we set off on a coastal walk from Rose Bay to Watson's bay, a little outside Sydney. 

For most of the walk we were greeted with picturesque views of the city skyline, secluded beaches and and stunning crystal clear waters. The walk took us a couple of hours, climbing up and down through scrub land. It was really fun! 

Sweet Monday, Double Bay, Sydney Sweet Monday, Rose Bay, Sydney Sweet Monday, Rose Bay, Sydney Sweet Monday, Rose Bay to Watson's Bay walk, Sydney Sweet Monday, Rose Bay to Watson's Bay walk, Sydney

For the final part of the expedition we had to walk more inland through residential estates where the houses were mansions. Such a wealthy area. But it got a little tiresome in the heat so we skipped the last leg of the walk and caught the busy. Slightly cheating! 

When we got to Watson's Bay we headed to the nearest bar for a drink in the last of the sunshine and spotted these beautiful pelicans on the beach. They were huge! 

Sweet Monday, Watson's Bay, Sydney Sweet Monday, Watson's Bay, Sydney Sweet Monday, Watson's Bay, Sydney

All in all it was a lovely day out. This exactly the reason I have fallen in love with Sydney. The city and it's suburbs are beautiful and there's so much to do and explore. And of course the weather helps when it's warm and sunny!

Before we set off as well we grabbed brunch at a cafe called Indigo in Double Bay where I had there smoked salmon sandwich below, it was such a hefty portion and tasted amazing. It came with avocado, feta, capers, potatoes and an asparagus salad. 

Sweet Monday, sweetmondayblog instagram

After our day of fun we caught the bus to Bondi beach and met up with a couple of friends for a few beers and dinner at Bondi Hardware, a really cool restaurant in the heart of Bondi. The food was modern and fun, and came in tapas style portions to share. I've found a lot of the restaurants here in Australia have menus intended to share which I really love. You get to try way more different foods and it's far more social. 

A quick update with our travel planning too... I can't remember what I've previously mentioned but we've now booked our flight to Brisbane on New Years Day, the camper van to drive from Brisbane up to Cairns, the flight from Cairns to Osaka and then lots of hotels dotted all over Japan for our 3 weeks of travel there. Top of my list is of course visiting Tokyo, but also seeing Hiroshima, I'm sure that's going to be pretty harrowing but something we have to do. And also Mount Fuji!! Cannot wait for that. We've booked into a couple of traditional Japanese hotels and bath houses. We've found that accommodation in Japan is far cheaper than here in Australia so we've booked into a couple of fancy 5* hotels too. Woo!
And next we'll start to book our China leg of the trip, another 3 weeks traveling from north to south. And finally Hong Kong and Paris :)

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Outfit // adidas NEO x Selina Gomez

Sweet Monday, adidas neo x Selina Gomez Sweet Monday, adidas neo x Selina Gomez Sweet Monday, adidas neo x Selina Gomez Sweet Monday, adidas neo x Selina Gomez Sweet Monday, Cloggs pony hair black leather boots
Sweet Monday, adidas neo x Selina Gomez
Top - Missguided // Skirt - adidas NEO x Selina Gomez* // Boots - Cloggs* // Watch - mini Casio // Lipstick - Mac 'Please Me'

Have you caught any of New York fashion week? I don't tend to keep up to date with those kind of things but I spotted Lily Melrose at the adidas NEO runway show and so I had a little stalk of their instagram account and the event looked so much fun! It's nice to see a brand as big as adidas getting involved with fashion bloggers. 

This skirt and denim bomber jacket featured here are from adidas NEO's signature collection with Selina Gomez. Both herself and Justin Bieber have clothing lines with adidas NEO. I really love the print of the skirt in particular and it's not something I would look at and think was adidas. I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of this as we go into Summer now. 

Also in this post are my new booties! I've been on the hunt for a good pair of black boots for a couple of months so I couldn't resist choosing these ones from Cloggs the other week. Featuring real leather and pony hair detailing at the back I know these boots will last me. It's always good to invest in boots. I always used to buy cheap pairs that would let in water when it rained and generally fall apart after one season! 

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lifestyle // Doughbox Diner

Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney

On Tuesday Stew and I actually had a day off together... it's a miracle! So we decided to make the most out of the day and have an entire 'date day' :) Unfortunately the weather was against us, so our original plan of visiting the Blue Mountains got put on hold. However that didn't stop us having a good day. 

Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney
Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney

We began the day with a breakfast of bacon, brie and cranberry bagels and then headed out for a couple of games of pool, before lunching at Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills. We then went to the cinema in Newtown and this cute old fashion cinema before getting a few drinks at a couple of really pretty bars. One was called Corridor where the bar is just that, a very narrow corridor with beautiful candles set into the walls. 

We then had more delicious food at a Mexican restaurant that was serving up $3 tacos, how could we resist?! And then headed to this very cool dessert haven called Doughbox Diner! I've been wanting to eat here ever since we arrived in Sydney.

Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney

We shared an incredible waffle topped with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, Tim Tam pieces, Oreo chunks and white chocolate drops. With a drizzle of hot chocolate and whipped cream... YUM! 

I also couldn't resist ordering one of their signature thick shakes, we went for French vanilla and it came with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top! :)

Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney

It was all very sweet and sickly so I'm glad we shared but I definitely want to go back and try one of their crepe cones, they look so fun and yummy. The whole diner is decorated like something out of Grease and all of the staff are dressed head to toe in retro pink and black dresses. Just like the lady on the menu. This is a must in Sydney for all you sweet tooth lovers!

Doughbox Diner, Newtown, Sydney

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Outfit // Glamorous ripped boyfriend jeans

Sweet Monday, outfit, ootd, Glamorous, ripped mom jeans Sweet Monday, outfit, ootd, Glamorous, ripped mom jeans Sweet Monday, outfit, ootd, Glamorous, ripped mom jeans Sweet Monday, Glamorous, ripped mom jeans Sweet Monday, Shore Projects Sweet Monday, Shore Projects, Sally Hansen Sheer Ecstasy
Jumper - Topman // Jeans - Glamorous* // Shoes - Topshop // Watch - Shore Projects // Nails - Sally Hansen 'Sheer Ecstasy' // Lipstick - Mac 'Lady Danger'

I haven't posted in a little while, sorry! I was so busy with work last week I didn't have a lot of time for much else. I'm back to working full time, it's weird after having worked part time for the last 8 months. But it's good, I need to earn as much money as possible at the moment to afford all of our travels at the end of the year. 

I was sent this ripped jeans from Glamorous last week and I'm in love! At first I was worried they were too ripped, if that's possible, but I really like them. They'll be great as we move into Spring over here now. In fact it was the first day of Spring yesterday and it was so warm and sunny. Really excited for an Aussie summer in a couple of months!

I also picked up this nude nail polish from my work at the weekend. I've never worn the colour nude on my nails before but I really like it. It's especially great for work when I don't want to wear anything too out there and again it's a great colour for Spring. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :) I'm sorry I've been a bit mia on my blog recently. I'm dedicating some time this week to catching up on all my faves and replying to your comments. I've been so sidetracked with work, and in my free evenings I've gotten into Luther. I've never watched it before and I'm addicted! I've already watched the first 2 seasons pretty much back to back. It's so good! Have any of you seen it? If you have any tips on other tv programs to watch please let me know.

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