Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Recipes // Hearty Sausage & Bean Cassoulet

sausage and bean cassoulet

This is the perfect winter dish. Now that the evenings are drawing in, and the temperature is dropping, nothing beats a warm, hearty dinner. Even if your short on time, this recipe is relatively quick and easy. I would say around 45 minutes maximum, including prep work. 

I originally saw a similar recipe on Rosie's blog. Her photos looked so good, almost good enough to eat, and so I immediately sent the link to Stew. We gave the dish a little twist, and made it more our own, by sort of following a couple of recipes and putting them all together. 

Packed full of vegetables, you could easily make this dish vegan, by not having the sausages. As this cassoulet is filling in itself, we served with a slice or two of focaccia bread, but it would also go great with rice. However, depending on your need of carbs and the size of your appetite, you may wish to eat it on it's own as it's full of tasty and healthy beans. A great substitute for the usual potatoes/pasta etc. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Outfit // My Boots and Me - New Look Patent Ankle Boots

Sweet Monday
Top - Ark // Jeans - Wrangler // Boots - New Look // Olivia Burton watch - Topshop

How gorgeous are these black patent boots from New Look? I love how pointed they are. My colleague has had a pair of black ankle boots similar to these for a while, and I've been eyeing them up every time she wears them in the office. I can now finally say I have a pair of my own! Woop! Let's just hope we don't wear them on the same day. We already dress very similar, and it's becoming a running joke that we must co-ordinate our outfits before getting to work each day, 

Retailing at just £24.99, these boots are a great transitional piece, now that it's getting increasingly colder as we move into the heart of winter. If like me you're bored of your regular go-to ankle boots, that you've had for a few seasons, and want a refresh - New Look is the place to go! Their shoes are always so affordable, great value for money, and if you're looking for a more statement piece like these shiny patent ones, you probably don't want to spend great amounts.

Although these are extremely pointed, they're still super comfortable. I always used to be a round toe kinda girl, but I'm really into the point this season!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Lifestyle // Blossoming Gifts Winter Bouquet

Blossoming Gifts
Blossoming Gifts - Woodland £24.99

How beautiful is this winter bouquet from Blossoming Gifts? The colours are gorgeous, and so fitting with this time of year. I also love the mix of textures from the soft orange lilies, glossy red berries and autumn birch. Aptly named ‘Woodland’, this bouquet sits perfectly in our living room on our rustic, vintage suitcase, come coffee table. I can’t wait for the lilies to truly open and smell their wonderful scent.

Roses aren’t normally a flower of choice for me, but what struck me about this bouquet were their ombre effect petals. With a mixture of tones from deep red to soft orange, they’re really unique.

Blossoming Gifts are an online store that specialise in not only flower bouquets, but also hampers, wine, plants and personalised gifts. They’re a fantastic place to go if you’re stuck for on gift ideas for that special someone. I always find the trickiest gifts to buy are housewarming presents, and it wasn’t until we moved into our own flat that I truly appreciated a well thought gift. Blossoming Gifts offer a range of gift wrapped sets for those in need of some inspiration. For just £35 you can buy a house plant, bottle of wine and box of chocolate. The three essentials to any move!

The most fabulous thing about Blossoming Gifts however is their delivery capabilities. If you order before 9pm you can receive next day delivery, and they offer free standard delivery on all bouquets, plus free chocolates on selected bouquets. This is an exceptional service!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lifestyle // Cheerz - Instagram Prints

Cheerz poster - from £11.95

Ever since we arrived back from our travels, I have wondered what to do with the hundreds of photos we took along the way. I’m not one for scrapbooking, and I knew I wanted them on display, but I have hundreds of Instagram ‘polaroid’ prints that now sit in a drawer. Since moving into our new home, I wanted to create something sleek that would fit with the rest of our interiors. Our home is very minimal with white walls, and dark wood flooring. Our furniture is modern and light, so I wanted something that would accompany this, and tie it all together. We already have a few pieces of artwork framed on the walls, and we have a large chest of drawers in our bedroom that has always looked quite lonely. So I got thinking of ways I could decorate this large white space, and how I could incorporate our memorable photos.

Initially I set about collecting together our most favourite snaps from throughout our trip – Australia, Japan and China. This was the most time consuming bit about the idea, but also the most fun. It was great to look back at all of our fantastic experiences, and reminisce on everything we’d accomplished.

I had seen many beautiful frames that I thought would make a great home for the photos, but all of the mounts weren’t too my taste. Being one for details, I knew I wanted all of the photographs to be printed at the same size, and to be neat and symmetrical within the frame. Most mounts that I came across were for the standard 4x6 photograph. None accommodated a nice square (Instagram) image. I was even considering buying a piece of board and carving my own squares into them, creating my own mount! Thankfully before I reached this point, a lovely lady called Katie contacted me from online brand Cheerz.

Beating The Winter Blues

Are you convinced that you're always happier when you've got a little bit of sunshine in your life? When we go on holiday, we often tell anyone who'll listen that we're feeling the brightest we've ever been. Sure, we could easily chalk that up to the break from the daily grind, fun with our friends and of course, the sun, sea and sand that often comes with the most popular resort destinations, but what if it's more than the physical escape from the dull and dreary UK which makes us feel that much better? The sunshine you experience in the likes of Spain and the Caribbean might actually be good for your mental health.

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