Egg Shop NYC

5 Must Visit Brunch Spots in NYC

7th March 2019

What’s the first priority when planning to visit New York? Looking for the best brunch spots of course! If you’re a foodie like me, I hope at least some of my recommendations make your list. Brunch in NYC is fantastic! There are so many places to choose from. There’s literally hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

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Brooklyn Bridge

10 Things to do in New York

6th February 2019

I don’t know why I’ve put off writing this post for so long. I think secretly, I didn’t want to write it, because it would make me sad and miss New York too much! Which in all honesty, it has done exactly that. But it’s also been fun to look back at our photos and […]

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Williamsburg Hotel bathroom

5 Things to do in Williamsburg

18th January 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Stew and I took a trip to New York last month, just before Christmas. We’d both previously visited the Big Apple way back when we were 18 years old – a time when we had no idea what we were doing or what was […]

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