Travel | Japanese Cuisine

23rd February 2015

Sorry I’ve been a bit mia recently. All social media and Google is blocked in China so it’s been impossible for me to get online. So be prepared for an overload of blog posts coming up 🙂 I just had to share a food diary style post of our time spent in Japan eating quite […]

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Travel | Tokyo Skytree

8th February 2015

If there’s one thing you must do in Tokyo, it’s visit the Tokyo Skytree. This huge building quite literally towers over the city as it’s the world’s tallest tower! Tokyo is a huge city in terms of landmass but because it doesn’t have too many skyscrapers and the tower is located out of the business […]

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Travel | Tokyo, Japan

4th February 2015

We have now left Japan and are beginning the next chapter of our travels in China. Japan is a beautiful country and I would highly recommend visiting if you haven’t already. It’s steeped in natural beauty, fantastic architecture (both old and new), phenomenal food and home to wonderful people. Nothing was ever too much trouble […]

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Travel | Snow Monkeys, Japan

1st February 2015

I can’t wait to share this post with you. Just looking at these photos again makes me squeal with excitement. This was by far the best day of our trip in Japan. From Nagano in the Japanese Alps, we took a day trip to Snow Monkey Park to see snow monkeys in their natural habitat […]

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Travel | Cafe Bibliotec, Kyoto

27th January 2015

Cafe Bibliotec where the food is delicious, the interior design is beautiful, the menu is quirky and the staff are lovely. What more could you want?! Located near our hotel in Nijo, this fun cafe is highly recommended in the Lonely Planet Japan guide. Not really knowing exactly whereabouts it was positioned on the street […]

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Travel | Elk pancakes, Japan

25th January 2015

If you’ve been to Japan you may have seen this quirky looking pancake shop called Elk. We seem to be finding one on almost every street. So after peering through the window on more than one occasion we decided to go for breakfast one rainy day in Kyoto. All of Elk’s pancakes are made fresh […]

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Travel | Kyoto, Japan

21st January 2015

From Osaka we travelled to Kyoto, one of Japan’s more traditional cities. Here you can find lots of old Japanese temples and shrines dating back to 800AD. Over the years many have been burned down due to lightning or have fallen due to earthquakes but all have been rebuilt over and over and are now […]

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Travel | Osaka, Japan

18th January 2015

The first instalment of our Asian travels. We landed in Osaka late last Friday after our plane was delayed. We then managed to get on the wrong train into the city from the airport. Not the best start but it all worked out in the end. For our first night we wandered around the streets […]

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