Avocado on rye

Avocado on Rye, with Pomegranate and Feta

17th January 2017

I love to head out at a weekend for brunch with friends or with my boyfriend, Stew. I often opt for the classic avocado on toast, because I much prefer a savoury brunch dish, than a sweet one, and nothing goes together better than avocado and poached egg. I could literally eat the two together […]

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One Cup Tomato & Feta Savoury Pancakes

13th September 2016

I first blogged about this one cup pancake recipe a little while ago when I used it to make sweet blueberry and Greek yogurt ones with a drizzle of honey. However, I have been wanting to try it again but making a savoury style dish instead. The base is so easy to make. Simply whisk […]

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Recipes | Roast Vegetable & Mozzarella Tarts

16th August 2016

Last week I used shop bought puff pastry for the first time… Ever! Can you believe that? I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to use. I used to think that buying pre-made pastry was blasphemy but I’ve since realised that puff pastry is incredibly hard to make yourself and I am silly […]

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Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese

12th July 2016

About 18 months ago, when I first moved to London and picked up a copy of Time Out magazine, I spotted a rather tasty look mac n cheese street food stall called Anna Mae’s. Unfortunately at the time I seemed to miss out on every opportunity to sample some of their delicious dishes around London, […]

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Vegetarian Enchiladas

5th July 2016

After getting back from Poland the other week, I was finally reunited with Stew after he also returned from watching the Euros in France. I wanted to have a special evening, so I decided to make a lovely dinner for the both of us. I spent most of the afternoon hunting around for a recipe. […]

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Black Bean Stew

26th April 2016

How amazing does this dish look? Stew rustled this stew up for me last week… Ha! Stew stew. We’re big fans of Mexican food but don’t eat it as much as we’d like. I’m not really sure why, perhaps because it takes a little longer to make normally. But it’s always super tasty and can […]

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Sweet Potato & Spinach Bake

5th April 2016

Last weekend Stew had been out for the day, so I decide to rustle us up something for dinner. We had a couple of sweet potatoes left over and a bag of spinach that was on it’s way out. I hopped online to get some inspiration of a recipe I could hopefully make, including both […]

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Roast Cauliflower Tagine

29th March 2016

Stew and I attempted our very first tagine last week. We found a recipe on Good Housekeeping for a roast cauliflower tagine and made a couple of adjustments to make it our own. Essentially it was fairly easy to make, but it did take a little while. This was mainly down to the fact we […]

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Carrot & Miso Soup

8th March 2016

There is nothing more simple than making a soup. I grew up thinking Heinz tins of soup were the only option, until I moved out and my friend introduced me to a hand blender! This simple gadget is a lifesaver in the kitchen. I now regularly make my own houmous, smoothies, juices and soups. I […]

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