Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera

5th September 2017

You my have spotted this delicious looking pasta dish in the background of a recipe I posted a few weeks ago. I served our pasta primavera alongside a Stone’s ginger wine cocktail, with elderflower cordial, soda and cucumber, and the two were delicious together. The freshness of all the ingredients used in both food and […]

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Margherite Pasta

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta

18th July 2017

Okay so I have to confess, this is a pasta recipe that uses Sainsbury’s Basil & Pine Nut Margherite. I did not make the pasta. The pasta is amazing. I did not need to make it. Sainsbury’s have nailed it! Phew, now that’s out of the way, you may not agree that this is a […]

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Black bean wraps

Black Bean & Charred Pineapple Wraps

20th June 2017

We made this delicious dish at the weekend for lunch, but it would equally make a great dinner option. Our serving sizes are rather big, so depending on how much you eat, this recipe could serve 4 (1 wrap each), with a side salad and perhaps some grilled corn. You may look at the photos […]

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Middle Eastern roast sprouts

Middle Eastern Roasted Sprouts

24th January 2017

This is a little bit of a different recipe from me this week. After Christmas we had a lot of sprouts leftover and were unsure how to use them up. I spent a few minutes Googling sprout recipes and I was surprised to find this Middle Eastern roasted sprout dish on the Jamie Oliver website. […]

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Avocado on rye

Avocado on Rye, with Pomegranate and Feta

17th January 2017

I love to head out at a weekend for brunch with friends or with my boyfriend, Stew. I often opt for the classic avocado on toast, because I much prefer a savoury brunch dish, than a sweet one, and nothing goes together better than avocado and poached egg. I could literally eat the two together […]

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Thai Coconut Courgetti Soup

20th September 2016

I normally find thinking of a dish for dinner quite stressful, especially when we have very little food in the house. However, sometimes I really enjoy it, particularly if we have say one ingredient left over in the fridge that needs using up. In this case it was a couple of courgettes. We hadn’t used […]

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One Cup Tomato & Feta Savoury Pancakes

13th September 2016

I first blogged about this one cup pancake recipe a little while ago when I used it to make sweet blueberry and Greek yogurt ones with a drizzle of honey. However, I have been wanting to try it again but making a savoury style dish instead. The base is so easy to make. Simply whisk […]

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Recipes | Roast Vegetable & Mozzarella Tarts

16th August 2016

Last week I used shop bought puff pastry for the first time… Ever! Can you believe that? I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to use. I used to think that buying pre-made pastry was blasphemy but I’ve since realised that puff pastry is incredibly hard to make yourself and I am silly […]

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Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese

12th July 2016

About 18 months ago, when I first moved to London and picked up a copy of Time Out magazine, I spotted a rather tasty look mac n cheese street food stall called Anna Mae’s. Unfortunately at the time I seemed to miss out on every opportunity to sample some of their delicious dishes around London, […]

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