Dark soy salmon

Dark Soy Salmon

10th January 2017

It can be hard to adjust back to a healthy routine after all of the Christmas indulgences, which is why I rustled up this delicious dish this week. It’s the perfect balance of rich flavours but fresh, healthy ingredients. The dark soy and honey, used to glaze the beautiful salmon, gives a phenomenal rich flavour. […]

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Ginger & Almond Slices

Ginger & Almond Shortcake Slices

13th December 2016

There’s nothing I like more than spending a cold winter afternoon, in a warm and inviting kitchen, baking a festive sweet treat of some kind. Each year I bake traditional Christmas desserts, including mince pies and Christmas cake. However, this year I decided to call upon an old recipe of mine, and add a festive […]

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Peruvian Lamb Stew

Peruvian Lamb Stew

22nd November 2016

Stew’s very kind granny, bought us a One-Pot Dishes recipe book, which she spotted when in town one afternoon. Considering how many recipes we create, and how much we love cooking, we actually don’t make that many one-pot or one-pan dishes. So we were really excited to try our first one from this recipe book. […]

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Pork & Apple Stack

4th October 2016

On a chilly autumn Sunday afternoon, there’s nothing we like better to eat than a succulent piece of meat. However, instead of opting for the traditional Sunday roast dinner, we like to mix things up a little! For this dish we headed to our local butcher and picked up a couple of pork chops and […]

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Prawn & Chorizo Paella

27th September 2016

Paella is a hearty, comforting dish for me. Although it originates in sunny Spain, I find paella is best served on a rainy day, when you want to get comfy on the sofa in front of your favourite TV show. There are so many variations of paella, whilst the classics include seafood, chicken and chorizo, […]

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One Cup Tomato & Feta Savoury Pancakes

13th September 2016

I first blogged about this one cup pancake recipe a little while ago when I used it to make sweet blueberry and Greek yogurt ones with a drizzle of honey. However, I have been wanting to try it again but making a savoury style dish instead. The base is so easy to make. Simply whisk […]

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Apple Roses

6th September 2016

I saw a beautiful photograph of these edible roses on Pinterest months ago, and I’ve been meaning to re-create them myself ever since. Finally I had a day to myself this weekend with no plans, so I decided to use up some leftover puff pastry (from making these vegetable tarts) and make them. The recipe […]

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Crab Linguine

30th August 2016

This weekend Stew rustled up a delicious crab linguine for us both on Saturday evening, with chilli, garlic, parsley and mushrooms. I absolutely love crab and seafood pasta in general, so I was super excited to try this. Whilst he did the cooking, I whipped us up a tasty Aperol Spritz to wash everything down […]

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Kung Pao Chicken

23rd August 2016

After a bit of a slump in recent weeks, where I haven’t felt excited to cook and haven’t felt very creative, I’m trying to get things back on track. The last couple of recipes have been part of a ‘new me’. I now set aside time each week to actively get inspired by looking on […]

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