Pimm's Gin & Tonic

Pimm’s Gin & Tonic Cocktail

6th June 2017

Pimm’s is the perfect summer drink, and what better than to share it with friends over brunch? Last weekend we had a couple of our nearest and dearest stay with us, and so we rustled up a tasty scrambled eggs and goats cheese dish for a late breakfast/early lunch (recipe coming to the blog next […]

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Tandoori Cod Kebabs

30th May 2017

Tandoori cod kebabs may sound a little interesting. Personally I’ve only ever had tandoori chicken dishes before, however upon returning from Madrid (see my Instagram for photos), I told Stew that I wanted a healthy week of food. So he bought a couple of beautiful pieces of cod and decided to rustle this up for […]

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Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Hot Cross Buns

11th April 2017

Originally posted last Easter, I thought I’d repost this as I will for sure be using my hot cross bun recipe again this week – and I hope you will too! There’s nothing better than a hot cross bun to me. They’re sweet, they’re buttery and they remind me of spring like nothing else does. […]

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Prawn & Chorizo Stew

21st March 2017

This quick and easy Spanish style, prawn and chorizo stew, is one of those recipes that we come back to time and time again. There’s two main reasons for this – 1 it’s ridiculously easy to make, and 2 the flavours are delicious! We mastered our own recipe for this dish and like I said, […]

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Sea Bream Stew

Recipe | Pan Fried Sea Bream Stew

14th March 2017

This is another HelloFresh recipe that we tried last week and we felt that it was too tasty not to share. This for us is an unusual dish, that we probably wouldn’t have ever made if it wasn’t for HelloFresh. Stew absolutely loves fish, in particular sea bream, and we both enjoy a thick veggie […]

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beef brisket ragu

Beef Brisket with Creamy Polenta

28th February 2017

I know it’s pancake day, but sadly I do not have a pancake recipe to publish today (but you can find my one cup recipe here). If you follow me on Instagram however, you will see on my Instagram Story that I have spent the morning making pancakes with Great British Bake Off 2016 winner […]

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Greek Yoghurt Breakfast Bowl

Walnut, Blueberry & Dark Chocolate, Greek Yoghurt Bowl

14th February 2017

There’s nothing I like more than waking up and enjoying a healthy, colourful breakfast. At weekends, in particular, I like to take the time to make a breakfast I feel good about eating. There are many ingredients out there that not only look good, but have health benefits that leave you feeling good too. They’re […]

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Middle Eastern roast sprouts

Middle Eastern Roasted Sprouts

24th January 2017

This is a little bit of a different recipe from me this week. After Christmas we had a lot of sprouts leftover and were unsure how to use them up. I spent a few minutes Googling sprout recipes and I was surprised to find this Middle Eastern roasted sprout dish on the Jamie Oliver website. […]

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Avocado on rye

Avocado on Rye, with Pomegranate and Feta

17th January 2017

I love to head out at a weekend for brunch with friends or with my boyfriend, Stew. I often opt for the classic avocado on toast, because I much prefer a savoury brunch dish, than a sweet one, and nothing goes together better than avocado and poached egg. I could literally eat the two together […]

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