Salmon Tagliatelle

Creamy Salmon Tagliatelle

25th February 2019

Pasta dishes, and Italian cuisine in general, are one of my favourite foods. I’ve tried my hand at making my own pasta, and cooking up a variety of fresh and packet pasta throughout the seasons. Whether it’s a spicy tomato ragu or a light lemon and olive oil dressing, pasta can be so versatile and […]

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Cauliflower shawarma

Cauliflower Shawarma Flat Breads

17th February 2019

I made this for lunch a couple of weekend’s ago, after finding the recipe whilst browsing Pinterest. It was so tasty that I had to share it. It’s a super easy dish to make, and is a great vegetarian alternative to a chicken shawarma. The addition of avocado, iceberg lettuce and cucumber, keeps it fresh. […]

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Valentine's Cocktail Recipe

The Spicy Valentine Cocktail

7th February 2019

When Durham Gin got in touch, offering me a bottle of their classic gin, it’s safe to say, I didn’t need asking twice. If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you’ll knot that a G&T is my go-to tipple. However, Durham Gin asked if I wanted to create a cocktail recipe, and […]

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Egg Mayo Sandwich

Homemade Egg Mayo Sandwich

2nd February 2019

I’ve never been a huge egg mayo fan. It would never have been my choice of sandwich. However, a colleague had a homemade egg sandwich for lunch last week, and it looked delicious. I’d never thought about making egg mayonnaise myself before. So the following weekend, I bought half a dozen free range eggs, Hellman’s […]

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Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

27th January 2019

It might look like a long list of ingredients but this tasty sweet potato, chickpea and lentil curry is super easy to make! Whilst spices can be expensive, they’re a fantastic investment. If you’re into cooking already, or are enthusiastic to start broadening your recipes, you will need spices… And they most definitely won’t sit in […]

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Banana bread

Chocolate Banana Bread

9th January 2019

Is there anything better than coming home to the smell of freshly baked banana bread filling the kitchen? I absolutely love to make a banana loaf, not least because they’re super quick and easy to make, but because they smell and taste so good. Whenever we have bananas browning in our fruit bowl, I instantly […]

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Mexican beans on toast

Mexican Beans

9th October 2018

Ingredients (serves 3): 1 brown onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, diced 1 chilli, diced 1 green pepper, chopped 1 punnet mushrooms, quartered 1 tsp hot paprika 1x 400ml can baked beans 1 400ml can spicy beans 1 avocado 1/2 fresh bunch coriander, chopped 1 lime, quartered Salt and black pepper Rapeseed oil Bread (and butter […]

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Fish pie

Fish Pie

30th September 2018

I made this delicious fish pie off the cuff last week, after browsing my Instagram feed and spotting a photo of a fish pie, that a colleague had made at work. Fish pie happens to be one of Stew’s favourite meals, and yet I’ve never made one before! I’ve always thought that a fish pie […]

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Leek and pea risotto

Leek & Pea Risotto

4th September 2018

A risotto isn’t something I often make, largely due to the fact that I’ve always thought it takes forever to make, painstakingly stirring for hours on end. However, I was surprised and thrilled to find this quick and simple leek and pea risotto recipe on HelloFresh. From start to finish, this risotto was made in 30 […]

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