Cauliflower & Almond Risotto

26th January 2016

Last week Stew unfortunately fractured his wrist which has meant that I’ve had to cook solo this week. Queue frantically browsing Pinterest for inspiration! My first experimental dish was this indulgent cauliflower and almond risotto. We’d never made a risotto before, so I was even more eager to get nail it! Which I can safely […]

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Beef Massaman Curry

19th January 2016

Beef massaman curry is something that we often enjoy when dining out but have never thought to make ourselves at home. We love curries, of all varieties, and often make vegetarian ones packed full of different vegetables. So it made a nice change to make a meat based curry, and my favourite thing about massaman […]

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Warm Lentil Salad

12th January 2016

If you enjoy vegetarian food, or partake in Meat Free Mondays, this dish could be for you! Lentils are great alternative to meat, and are really good for you. They help bulk up a meal, and add great flavour to a dish. We often use lentils in our curries, but they’re normally of the red […]

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Mushroom Soup

22nd December 2015

There’s nothing better than a big bowl of warming, hearty soup, on a cold winter’s day. It seems to be one of our go-to meals just recently. It’s also great to make in large batches, and have leftovers for lunch at work for the week. Having already made and featured a spiced root vegetable soup, […]

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One Cup Blueberry Pancakes

15th December 2015

This is most definitely going to be breakfast on Christmas morning for me and Stew this year. I grew up thinking pancakes were hard to make. I know, how silly of me! I think this was due to my Mum having a terrible frying pan, that meant every pancake would stick to the bottom and […]

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Sausage & Bean Cassoulet

1st December 2015

This is the perfect winter dish. Now that the evenings are drawing in, and the temperature is dropping, nothing beats a warm, hearty dinner. Even if your short on time, this recipe is relatively quick and easy. I would say around 45 minutes maximum, including prep work. I originally saw a similar recipe on Rosie’s […]

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Lamb Crumble

24th November 2015

I was contacted by the lovely team at Talented Talkers last week who have been working with hotel chain Travelodge, who are looking to promote their coastal, seaside resorts. With a focus on Bournemouth in particular, I was called up on to put my culinary skills to the ultimate test, and create a Bournemouth-ian dish! […]

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Recipes | Focaccia Bread

17th November 2015

At the weekend we made our first ever bread! It was a very exciting moment in the Parslow/Price residence. We had the idea of making a sausage and bean stew for dinner, so decided to make a focaccia bread to go with it. We followed a very easy recipe that we found online, and it […]

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