Black Bean Stew

26th April 2016

How amazing does this dish look? Stew rustled this stew up for me last week… Ha! Stew stew. We’re big fans of Mexican food but don’t eat it as much as we’d like. I’m not really sure why, perhaps because it takes a little longer to make normally. But it’s always super tasty and can […]

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Prawn & Coconut Curry

19th April 2016

We rustled this meal up last week, and I’ve been struggling ever since to know what to call it. I’ve named it a ‘prawn and coconut curry’, which in essence the one part is. However, we served it with brown rice, corgetti and carrot. So it’s really a bowl of delicious, healthy, colourful goodness! To […]

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Sweet Potato & Spinach Bake

5th April 2016

Last weekend Stew had been out for the day, so I decide to rustle us up something for dinner. We had a couple of sweet potatoes left over and a bag of spinach that was on it’s way out. I hopped online to get some inspiration of a recipe I could hopefully make, including both […]

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Roast Cauliflower Tagine

29th March 2016

Stew and I attempted our very first tagine last week. We found a recipe on Good Housekeeping for a roast cauliflower tagine and made a couple of adjustments to make it our own. Essentially it was fairly easy to make, but it did take a little while. This was mainly down to the fact we […]

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Beef Stroganoff

15th March 2016

One night last week my boyfriend stayed on a little later at work so I decided to treat him with a surprise dinner, ready for when he got through the door (earning major girlfriend points). I spent my lunch break at work deciding on a recipe, and popping out to Tesco to get a couple […]

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Carrot & Miso Soup

8th March 2016

There is nothing more simple than making a soup. I grew up thinking Heinz tins of soup were the only option, until I moved out and my friend introduced me to a hand blender! This simple gadget is a lifesaver in the kitchen. I now regularly make my own houmous, smoothies, juices and soups. I […]

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Recipes | Peanut Butter & Banana Pancakes

1st March 2016

This easy pancake recipe would make the perfect treat for your Mum this Mother’s Day. It’s super quick to make and looks fit for a Queen! I know I always like to be treated to breakfast in bed and what could be better than delicious yummy pancakes?! These are incredibly easy to make, and so […]

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Rosemary Lamb Chops

23rd February 2016

I found the idea for pea and asparagus mash when watching Jamie Oliver on ITV’s This Morning. He created a seabass dish and had added mint and chilli to the mash too. Plus a little raw asparagus as a salad garnish. I had the intention of recreating the dish but it was a Sunday, it […]

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