Salmon and Herb Parcels

Salmon & Couscous Parcels

23rd September 2020

We often bake salmon in the oven, normally wrapped in foil with lemon, butter and vegetabes. I love steamed salmon cooked in this way, but I’ve never thought to add couscous before. This clever recipe brings all of the dishes ingredients together into one parchment paper parcel. Simply baked in the oven, it’s quick, it’s […]

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White Fish with Curried Lentils

White Fish with Curried Lentils

28th July 2020

I had the idea of making this dish, after raiding our cupboards and finding an unopened pack of green lentils. I knew we had frozen fish, and thought a curried lentil dish would work well. However, I struggled to find just what I had in mind online. So instead, I sort of combined a few […]

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Pan Fried Hake Recipe

Pan-Fried Hake on Crushed Potatoes

23rd July 2020

This is a oldie but a goodie. I come back to this recipe time and time again. The soft and fluffy, buttery potatoes. The delicious pan fried white fish. The fresh and zesty salsa. It’s a winning combination. But don’t just take my word for it. Recreate it for yourself and let me know what […]

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Mediterranean Salmon

Baked Mediterranean Salmon

5th January 2020

Although I often think of salmon as a summer dish, this beautiful baked salmon fillet is great all year round. It’s the perfect dish to serve when entertaining guests, as it makes a pretty spectacular centre piece! Baked in the oven with a delicious medley of Mediterranean ingredients, it’s packed full of colour and flavour. […]

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Puttanesca Recipe


18th August 2019

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (otherwise known as the dish of Italian prostitutes), is an Italian pasta dish, invented in Naples in the 1960s. It’s thought that prostitutes would make this simple dish because it was quick and cheap! It includes many cupboard ingredients, that most Italians would have at home, and can be rustled up in […]

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Salmon Tagliatelle

Creamy Salmon Tagliatelle

25th February 2019

Pasta dishes, and Italian cuisine in general, are one of my favourite foods. I’ve tried my hand at making my own pasta, and cooking up a variety of fresh and packet pasta throughout the seasons. Whether it’s a spicy tomato ragu or a light lemon and olive oil dressing, pasta can be so versatile and […]

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Fish pie

Fish Pie

30th September 2018

I made this delicious fish pie off the cuff last week, after browsing my Instagram feed and spotting a photo of a fish pie, that a colleague had made at work. Fish pie happens to be one of Stew’s favourite meals, and yet I’ve never made one before! I’ve always thought that a fish pie […]

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Red pesto fish skewers

Red Pesto Fish Skewers

29th August 2017

These red pesto fish skewers, are another Mindful Chef recipe that we received in last week’s food box. We’ve been so impressed with this month’s dishes from Mindful Chef so far, that I can’t help but feature them on my blog. I love that these skewers use ling fish, rather than cod, as it may […]

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Tandoori Cod Kebabs

30th May 2017

Tandoori cod kebabs may sound a little interesting. Personally I’ve only ever had tandoori chicken dishes before, however upon returning from Madrid (see my Instagram for photos), I told Stew that I wanted a healthy week of food. So he bought a couple of beautiful pieces of cod and decided to rustle this up for […]

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