Zesty Almond Crunchies

5th February 2011

225g plain chocolate 15g unsalted butter 150g flaked almonds Grated zest of 1 medium orange This week I’ve attempted to make a couple of baking delights. I’m currently writing this waiting for some blueberry cupcakes to bake, so watch this space! But these chocolate crunchies are something I made yesterday. Sadly they’re dark chocolate, which […]

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Champagne Daaahling

2nd February 2011

Models Own ‘Champagne’ Last weekend I finally had some time off work, so for my trip to Manchester I decided to do my nails. I hate the fact I have no time anymore to do things like this. Last Summer I was constantly doing either leopard print or something a bit different to my nails. […]

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A Look Back at 2010

1st January 2011

Hope you all had a happy new year! What did you get up to? I spent it in Oxford with my boyfriend and his friends. It was a really good night 🙂 Can’t believe that’s another year over! Wow, they go by faster and faster. 2010 was full of many highs and a couple of […]

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A Christmas Wedding

24th December 2010

To end the week off I’ve finally got around to editing the photo’s I took from a wedding I went to on Tuesday. First off I need to mention what a crazy but magical few days it was… On Monday the snow started coming down with all it’s might so I was sent home early […]

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Beauty | Neutral leopard print

2nd December 2010

From Wednesday of last week I had a lovely relaxing week of work 🙂 Bliss! So I decided to go back to my roots and jazz my nails up a bit! Since working full time, I still paint my nails but sadly nothing crazier than a subtle all over one colour. I’ve missed being able […]

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Beauty | Nude floral nails

8th September 2010

Models Own – Nude This weeks nails are a little bland I guess, but I’ve fallen in love with Models Own ‘Nude’. It’s such a pretty colour that goes with everything! Last week I also ordered some nail stickers off of eBay. They came yesterday so I thought I’d add them to jazz the ‘Nude’ […]

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Beauty | American Flag

4th September 2010

Last night my Anty threw an American themed party for her 40th birthday. In keeping with the theme and my current obsession for nail design, I chose to paint a few flags 😉 As I said in my last post, I went as Super Woman, my boyfriend went as a Basket Ball player, my Dad […]

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Beauty | Water marbling nails

1st September 2010

Models Own ‘Feeling Blue’ | Sparkle & Fade ‘Peach’ | Sparkle & Fade ‘Mint’ | Models Own ‘Silver Fox’ So this week I decided to get some new inspiration for my nails. I googled nail designs, and a lot came up! There’s a lot of good tutorials on YouTube.  I found one called ‘Water Marbling’, which basically makes […]

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Beauty | Chocolate striped nails

31st August 2010

Models Own – Purple Grey and Nude As I said in my Models Own post, I did a nail design with Purple Grey and Nude…and here it is 🙂 The colours look great seperately and I’m surprised at how well they worked together. They compliment each other perfectly, and overall make quite a chocolatey effect! […]

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