IKEA Duktig kitchen hack - pan set

IKEA Play Kitchen Hack

3rd February 2022

This Christmas our son was on the cusp of turning two and we had seen many photos of him at nursery, happily playing with an IKEA wooden kitchen, so we decided to buy him one as a Christmas present. I loved the idea of surprising him on Christmas morning with a wooden toy kitchen, wrapped […]

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Neon Planet Sign

Boy Bedroom Decor Update

16th September 2021

You may remember at the beginning of the year I posted a ‘before and after’ blog entry about the makeover we’d given our son’s room. Since then I’ve continued to add little touches to his room, including this fantastic neon planet sign. Kindly gifted to us by Neon87, I absolutely love its deep blue colour […]

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Baby Boy Nursery makeover

Nursery Before & After

28th January 2021

Considering our son is now 1 years old, this post has been a long time coming. That said, we’ve only now got to a point where I’m really happy with the decor of our nursery, and so it feels the perfect time to share it. We kept the gender of our baby a surprise, so […]

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Fine Art America Gallery Wall

Print Refresh with Fine Art America

28th September 2020

We first decorated our baby boy’s nursery in preparation for his birth. Fast forward nine months, and we now have a beautiful bouncing boy, who has his very own personality, likes and dislikes. So lately, I’ve felt the need to switch up some parts of his room. I’ve bought a new toy basket to house […]

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Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Before & After

19th August 2019

This post has been a long time coming. We’ve actually been living with our new and improved kitchen for a while now. Luckily in this room we didn’t need to do anywhere near as much work as in our bedroom or bathroom. Luckily when we bought the house we were happy with the style of […]

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Bathroom renovation

Bathroom Before & After

20th January 2019

You may have seen our master bedroom reveal, well, our bathroom was actually the first project we undertook when we bought our new home. But as with most home renovations, timeframes and schedules change, other issues pop along the way, and we ended up tackling both the bathroom and master bedroom at the same time. […]

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Juniqe wall art

Creating a Gallery Wall

8th January 2019

Decorating a small space, such as a hallway, can be difficult. Ours is long and narrow, with little light. A table of any kind was out of the question, due to the width. Low hanging lights also not a possibility, due to the lower ceilings we have towards the back of our property. Colour might […]

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Master bedroom decor

Bedroom Before & After

5th January 2019

Finally I’m able to share our first completed room with you all. You may or may not know, that my boyfriend and I bought our first property at the end of summer. Whilst we had ideas in mind of how we’d like to decorate some of the rooms, we weren’t anticipating starting the work quite […]

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Leesa Kingsize Mattress Upgrade

23rd September 2018

When we moved into our new home last month, the first item we unpacked was our brand new king size Leesa mattress. Ahead of the move, we decided we wanted to upgrade from our trusty double bed to a more spacious and comfortable king size. We found a new bed frame fairly quickly, and settled […]

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