Fairisle Jumper Nail Art

27th December 2011

I received this nail art pen by Topshop this Christmas and couldn’t wait to give it a go after seeing Gem’s post on them. They’re totally different to any nail art pen I’ve used before. It literally looks like a pen and writes like a pen. I had a little trouble to begin with, getting […]

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Neon Leopard Print Tips Nail Art

23rd October 2011

MO L-R: Lilac Dream, Pink Blush, Pink Punch, Aciiied, Top coat, Nail art pen 17: Catwalk Couture Did these nails the other night. I’ve done it before but with just all one colour, my fave neon pink punch 😀 But I’ve never tried it with all different colours. I wore them to work yesterday, not […]

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Drippy Nail Art

16th September 2011

Models Own – Lilac Dream | E.L.F – Black I tried out the ‘drippy’ technique yesterday quickly just to see how easy it is and… it’s seriously easy! Literally just slapped it on, and I don’t think it looks to bad, not to sure on the first and middle finger, but the rest look ok! Love these two […]

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Neon Leopard Print Nail Art

19th April 2011

17: Catwalk Couture Models Own: Fuzzy Peach Models Own: Nail art pen Models Own: Top coat So here’s a couple of close ups of the nail design I wore this weekend. I went for some crazy bright leopards for a change. I really love the clashing colours and how well they stood out. I think […]

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Metallic Leopard Print Nail Art

15th April 2011

Barry M: Bright Pink Models Own: Champagne Models Own: Top Coat I actually did these nails last week after seeing Kate’s! I absolutely love her nails every week, but my faves are always her gold and pink leopards, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. Except I used champagne instead of gold as […]

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Glitter Tip Nail Art

18th December 2010

Models Own – Nude & Juicy Jules Ok so I need to come up with a new design! But I just can’t help trying this effect with all sorts of colours. I’m seriously liking the ‘tips’ style, and with Juicy Jules by Models Own, it literally looks like you’ve dipped your fingers in a pot […]

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Two Tone Leopard Print Nail Art

24th August 2010

Barry M in Baby Pink | Sparkle and Fade in Peach | Black liquid eyeliner Fingers crossed they won’t chip tomorrow at work, ugh! That’s the only trouble with working at the moment, my nails are suffering. Just another excuse to do something different next weekend I suppose 😉 Step 1. Base coat in baby pink Step […]

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Pastel Leopard Print Nail Art

8th August 2010

Sadly because I’ve been working every day this last week and now will be working again tomorrow my nails have not stayed in great shape. Usually when I do them a little quirky with a top coat they last all week almost perfectly with only slight chipping on the sixth or seventh day. Unfortunately I […]

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Diamante Nail Art

1st August 2010

This weeks nails consist of some Rimmel bargains stated in my previous nail post Animal Magnetism. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 deal, so when looking for a top/base coat I couldn’t resist getting some colours too. The purple hasn’t come out as bright as it really is, but it’s ‘Purple Reign’ (link is in […]

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