Jewellery Essentials

I have never paid more attention to what jewellery I’m wearing, since becoming engaged. Something about wearing a ring on my wedding finger each day, spurred me to invest in other key pieces of jewellery to accessorise my outfits with.

Although we’ve essentially been living indoors for the majority of the past year, there’s something about wearing a timeless necklace, or a dainty bracelet, or a sparkly huggie, that makes you feel good. Similarly to makeup, nice jewellery gives you a confidence. A confidence for you to face the day head on.

I’m very much a ‘less is more’ kind of person when it comes to style, both in clothing and accessories, and homeware. So for me, choosing pieces of jewellery really is about ensuring I invest in good quality and timeless pieces.

How to choose the right jewellery for you?

  1. Start at the basics
    • Do you prefer silver or gold jewellery? Or do you like to mix it up and wear a bit of both?
    • I’m personally a fan of gold jewellery. I love it’s warm tone and feel it compliments my skin better. That said, I cannot afford real gold, so will always opt for gold plated sterling silver.
  2. Consider your clothes and other accessories
    • What I mean by this is, have a look through your wardrobe and think about what styles and shapes of clothing or accessories you mostly wear. I tend to wear a lot of high-neck tops and dresses, so I prefer longer length necklaces. Whereas if I wore a lot of v-neck or lower cut tops, I might opt for shorter necklaces to frame my neckline. Similarly if you prefer a lot of long sleeves in winter, it might be better to accessorise with a chunky or oversized earring, rather than a bracelt that won’t be seen. I also always wear a watch, so I don’t tend to wear a lot of bracelets, and have my ears pierced three times in each lobe, so I like to accessorise my outfits with earrings.
  3. Try before you buy
    • As stores begin to open back up, it’s great to try jewellery on before you purchase. This way you can get an idea of design, shape, style, metal and size before purchasing. Play around with different styles to get a true feel of what you prefer. Pick out polar opposite designs to try on, as you never know, that chunky chain could be your perfect match!
  4. Think on it
    • To truly invest in timeless pieces, it’s always best to go-home and mull it over. Investing in good quality pieces isn’t cheap and so you want to make sure you’re making the right call. Take photos in store and think on it for a week or two. If you still love it just as much as you did when you tried it on, or if you can’t stop picturing yourself wearing it, then invest in it!

Timeless Jewellery

Two of my favourite pieces are these beautiful necklaces by Daisy London. Influencer, Estée Lalonde, has done a wonderful collaboration with them and so many of their pieces are utterly timeless. The octagonal necklace gets the most wear. I will pair this with any outfit day or night. Whilst the T-bar style I tend to keep for special occasions. I had been searching for a T-bar necklace for months before finally finding this one by Daisy London and Estée Lalonde. A design dating back to the 70s, it’s often a piece you’ll find when vintage shopping, but sadly I can rarely afford. But this one gives just the same look and works really well layered with the octagonal. That’s the beauty of necklaces with adjustable chains. Something Daisy London are great at. You can layer until your hearts content!

Although I’m rarely seen without wearing a watch, I will often wear two dainty Orelia bracelets (hung on the photo of my son and I) if I’m going out for dinner, or somewhere special for the day. I particularly like this duo for their minimalistic style and adjustable lengths, as I have super tiny wrists!

Finally my earrings! As I said, my ears are whereI accessories the most. I have countless pairs but always come back to the same brands. Astrid & Miyu is my ultimate favourite. They have a huge range of huggies, hoops and studs which work perfectly if you have a number of ear piercings.

I’m always interchanging my earrings, opting for a simple gold hoop, jewelled huggie and stud for every day. For evenings, I tend to switch out for a chunky hoop (the pair pictured are from Rock n Rose) or some extra bling, like these House of Freedom star drop earrings.

What piece of jewellery could you not leave the house wearing?

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