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We first decorated our baby boy’s nursery in preparation for his birth. Fast forward nine months, and we now have a beautiful bouncing boy, who has his very own personality, likes and dislikes. So lately, I’ve felt the need to switch up some parts of his room.

I’ve bought a new toy basket to house his most loved toys. We added a couple of book shelves to display his wonderful books and teddy bears. And most recently, I chose to replace the four prints above his cot.

Our new prints were generously gifted to us by Fine Art America, who are one of the world’s largest art marketplaces. They ae home to over 500,000 independent artists, who they help earn an income from selling their art online, and helping them reach a whole new audience.

We planned a small gallery wall for Caleb’s room, similarly to what we did in our hallway. I may add to it some more later down the line, but for now I’ve chosen to stick with just four above his cot. I often find searching for the perfect set of four difficult.

But rather perfectly, Fine Art America have set up handy categories on site for you to be able to shop by room. So I chose ‘Baby’s Room’ and found this beautiful selection of prints, all of which are by artist – Bri Buckley.

I fell in love with her style of illustrations. They perfectly capture a child’s imagination, and create a wonderful sense of magic and adventure. I particularly love ‘An Astrology Adventure’ – I can imagine Caleb looking up from his cot, and dreaming of an adventure with his favourite teddy’s in a boat sailing through the sky.

Also featured – ‘Over the Rainbow’, ‘Little Nature Alphabet’ and ‘An Educated Bear’. The latter reminds me of Paddington Bear. I love that his bike is almost toppling over with the mountain of books on the back. I really hope Caleb grows up to love books as much as Stew and I do. He appears to enjoy reading time before bed at the moment, so I thought this print was great.

Fine Art America not only sell prints, but also a wealth of other products including tote bags, beach towels, duvet covers and even mugs! You can have your favourite illustration or painting printed on just about anything your heart desires. So many great gift ideas! And also a fantastic way for artists to have their artworks seen in even more ways in customer’s homes.

How do you choose prints for you home? Have you created a gallery wall? Have you heard of Fine Art America before?

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