We’re Engaged!

For those of you who don’t follow my on Instagram, you may have missed our latest update – we’re engaged! My partner popped the question on a recent two night getaway to Paris. We’d had the trip booked since Christmas, and were hesitant at first as to whether we should still go. But as pandemic restrictions began to lift, we decided to still go for it. Lucky we did, as I had absolutely no idea that he’d been planning a Parisian proposal!

Paris has always been a magical place for us, and now even more so. We first went to Paris together five years ago, on our way back to the U.K., having lived in Australia together for a year. We had just spent two months travelling Asia, and a quick stop off in Paris was the perfect rest before heading back to be reunited with our family and friends.

At that time we had a really special couple of days, and we were both excited to revisit and hopefully relive some of that magic. Of course, this trip ended up being that and so much more…

Photobooth Proposal

How did he propose?

The photo sums it up really. He had the idea of proposing in a photobooth just that same week. It came to him as he was looking around our living room. Our shelves are filled with photobooth strips that we’ve taken all over the world. We even got a strip done when I was nine months pregnant, and then another strip with our two month old baby boy. You could say we’re big fans of a photobooth!

There’s something about that vintage style of photograph, and how it truly captures the moment. Which is exactly what it did with his proposal. Now looking back on it, it’s the perfect way to propose. Him on one knee and my look of complete shock are captured perfectly and we’ll always have that photo of the exact moment it happened.

Seconds before he popped the question, I had spotted the ring box, as he was fumbling for what I thought was change for the photobooth. At the time my mind was so far removed from any thoughts about an engagement, that I honestly (hand on heart) thought ‘what is this wooden box?’. ‘It must be some odd change box he bought when travelling’. Even though I’ve known him for eight years and have never seen that box before. And he was using a brand new backpack, which would not have anything he’d collected whilst travelling five years ago in it. But that sums up what a true surprise it was for me.

Photobooth Sacre Coeur

How did I react?

In true me style, my first reaction was ‘is this a joke?’. I was in such shock that I thought it can’t be real. He must be joking. After I repeated that a few more times, he finally said ‘sooo is that a yes?’, and I realised I hadn’t actually answered him! But yes, of course it was a yes.

The following photobooth snaps capture the moment he put the ring on my finger and us both overcome with emotion perfectly.

After another strip, and me still saying that it must be a joke, we finally left the metre squared photobooth in search of breakfast!

Picnic at the Louvre Paris

How did we celebrate?

The photobooth was located near Sacré Coeur, so we continued to climb the hill up to the basillica and stopped on a bench to admire the view. I was in such a haze of happiness I wasn’t particularly registering the impressive views. With an empty stomach we pottered around Sacré Coeur in search of a croissant and coffee. It wasn’t until then that I had calmed down and was able to really take it all in.

Following this we ambled through the streets of Paris, heading towards the Louvre, where we celebrated in true French style with a picnic of – a bottle of Sancerre, a baguette, a variety of cheeses, a pastry, grapes, olives, butter and jam.

I’m not one for big public displays of affection. So for me this was the absolute perfect proposal and the best way to celebrate.

What next?

Wedding planning of course! For those that know us, will know that we’re fairly impatient people. Oh and we’re ridiculously organised. (Or I am at least). We’ve never wanted a long engagement, so we hope to get married next year. In less than a fortnight we’ve found a venue (hopefully) and a date. We just need to get things locked in.

I’ve already created a Google Sheet and a Pinterest board to get organised. It’s funny because although we’ve been together a long time, we’ve never really discussed what our wedding would look like. We always wanted to save and buy a home, and then we wanted to start a family. A wedding and marriage always felt a long way off. So now that I am having to do some research it’s really surprised me how little I’ve ever thought about it. I am literally starting from scratch with it all. I don’t know another woman who could say that. I know most of us have already created private Pinterest boards, in the hope that one day we can put them to use. But I honestly never have.

So I now have a lot to think about. If you have any tips on arranging a wedding, I would love to hear them! Your must haves etc.

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