Christmas Wishlist for Mums To Be

This Christmas will be like no other for us, as I am due to give birth on 24th December… Yes, that’s right. Christmas Eve! With less than 5% of babies coming on their due date, it means Christmas plans are a little up in the air for us this year. Baby could come anywhere from mid-December right through to the beginning of January.

But that being said, I love Christmas and I’m determined to celebrate it. Whilst creating my wish list this year, I found myself thinking of Christmas gifts in a very different way. Whilst there are still physical gifts that I’d love to receive, I’ve swayed more towards pampering myself. Whether that’s with a treatment of some kind, or a spa getaway perhaps in the new year. In fact, I’ve even asked Stew to look at spa hotels in Kent, after seeing a couple that took my fancy.

I touched on this briefly in another post I published recently, where I talked about self-care being super important during pregnancy. And why should it have to stop once pregnancy is over? New Mum’s are most in need of a little pampering I’m sure.

Luka Spa

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum To Be:

  1. Spa treatment
  2. Luxury skincare products
  3. Designer perfume
  4. Spa day/weekend
  5. Fancy dinner
  • Spa treatments I’ve gone on and on about but it’s so important to relax and pamper yourself. Especially when you’re pregnant. This could be a simple manicure, or a luxurious pedi. Most salons and spas will be trained in what is suitable for a women who is pregnant, so you might even be able to book in for a lovely massage.
  • Luxury skincare products are something that I try to treat myself to from time to time anyway. But as with a lot of things, I’m sure that will become harder once baby has arrived. So it’s great to stock up now! Ask for your favourite moisturiser, or night oil. Or perhaps you’d perfer a really great hand cream (my hands have been so chapped lately). Otherwise a lovely bath soak and face mask, could be just the trick to unwind. Either way, I think this one is so important, especially in the run up to giving birth.
  • Designer perfumes are something I always ask for as gifts for birthday or Christmas. It’s not something I could ever justify buying for myself (which is silly as I wear perfume everyday), but instead it makes a great gift. Whilst this can be expensive, I’m sure a parent, family member, or your partner would be more than happy to treat you. Because lets face it, once baby arrives and you begin to smell of sick and who knows what else, a nice bottle of perfume is going to be like a god send!
  • Similar to the first point but taking it up a notch. Forget a treatment, how about a treament and a full spa day? Right now that’s probably the last thing you want to do, as you’re nesting, and during pregnancy there are lots of elements of spa off limits. For example the sauna, steam room, jacquizi… All the good bits basically. Plus there’s no prosecco. But what if you received a gift card for a spa day to use in the new year, once baby is here and you’re settled in. I’m sure your partner would be more than happy to take over the reigns and give you a day off. Or if you wait a little longer, perhaps you could hand baby over to the grandparents for the night, so that you and your partner can spend some quality time together.
  • If you’re a foodie like me, you might’ve found yourself having been put off some of your favourite foods during pregnancy. I’ve loved everything and anything beige, which is very unlike me! But I’m hoping that once baby has arrived and things have settled down a little, my tastebuds will reappear. If so, there’s nothing more I’d like to do than head out to a new restaurant for dinner, or to a place that’s been on my list forever. Again, perhaps the grandparents or some friends could look after baby for a couple of hours. Or perhaps you’d prefer to do a lunch and take baby along. Either way, treating yourself is key, as is spending time with your partner.

I hope this has helped any mums to be who are wondering what to ask for this Christmas, or anyone on the hunt for a gift for a friend to be!

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