5 Things to do Before Moving to A New House

Whether you’re buying your first house, or you’re moving into a rented flat with your friends, moving to a new house can be super stressful. In fact, according to this study, 71% of people have lost a night’s sleep during their moving home process. Ouch.

To help make the process as smooth as possible, I thought that I would put together five tips that I wish someone had given me when we moved house. These are:

  • Book a Removal Company

You may not think you need a removal company, but it will certainly help decrease some of the stress. In the same research study that was mentioned above, a whopping half of the surveyed people had experienced a misshap or disaster when moving home, 90% of who had posessions broken, including new bed frames, sofas and TVs, which aren’t the cheapest to replace.

We used our parents and hired a van, but professionals will know exactly how to wrap your belongings and exactly how to place them in the van to maximise the amount carried. They have had plenty of experience of course, and as a business, they don’t want to have to fork out for a replacement for your house.

  • Get Organised with an Overnight Bag 

When you get to your new house, you’re not going to have a clue where anything is. So, one of the best things that you can do would be to pack an overnight bag, as if you were sleeping at someone else’s house.

This will mean that you’re not breaking into every cardboard box trying to find your toothbrush or a clean pair of pyjamas. Let’s be honest, while all great intentions are there for you to arrive and start unpacking everything straight away, you probably won’t.

  • Tell Your Neighbours

Whether you’re best friends or your neighbour is someone you just say hello to in passing, I would recommend telling your neighbours about your moving house plans. Not only is it chance to say your final goodbyes, but it warns them that there will be new faces appearing around the area pretty soon.

  • Arrange for Mail to Be Forwarded

A tedious, yet important job, is to update all of your documents with your new address. The likes of your driving licence, bank account and anyone that sends you letters every so often. While this is time consuming, as you can’t update them all at once, redirecting your mail to the new address is a lot easier.

Contact your local post office and request all of the post with your name on to be redirected to your new place. This will cost a small fee, but it will save you going to pick up your post every week. We did this for six months and it was a god send.

  • Try and Destress

This one is easier said than done, as you will probably just think of everything that could possibly go wrong. Just remind yourself that there is a solution to pretty much every mistake that might happen – emphasis on ‘might’ as they’re probably unlikely scenarios.

Treat yourself to a bath, a takeaway and a pre-bed chamomile tea. This should help make you feel calmer.

*This post has been supported by Happy Beds.

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