Archie’s Coffee Shop, Archway

Archies Cafe Archway

Since moving to Highgate last summer, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done many brunch dates in the area. Whilst there are plenty of pubs to choose from for delicious dinners and stellar beer and wine options, it’s a little lacking for cute brunch spots. That’s until Archie’s opened up at the bottom of Highgate Hill.

Located just a few minutes walk from Archway Station, Archie’s isn’t just open for brunch. It also serves lunch and dinner options throughout the day and evening, but is perfect for a coffee pit stop or weekend breakfast.

Archies Cafe Archway

I’m not sure what this spot used to be before Archie’s took it over, but they’ve done an incredible job at renovating it. With a freshly painted bright white and yellow exterior, it’s hard not to miss Archie’s as you walk past. Inside you’ll find a mix of reclaimed wood, copper lighting and beautiful green tiles.

Aside from the Insta worthy decor, they also serve up a fantastic array of breakfast and brunch options. Whilst the menus kept relatively small, there are plenty of options for everyone – including vegetarian and vegan.

Bacon and egg brioche bun

As it was a humid summer’s day, I couldn’t resist ordering an ice cold latte with my bacon and egg brioche breakfast. A classic ‘bacon bap’ with a twist. The bacon is smokey with a maple glaze, a comes with a perfectly fried orange yolk egg, a little spinach so you don’t feel too guilty, and a sweet fluffy brioche bun. There’s a touch of chipotle ketchup smeared on to the inside of the bun which finishes the dish off perfectly.

Priced at just £6.75 (at time of publishing) it’s also an incredible bargain for brunch. With my iced latte I paid around £12 including service. Possibly the cheapest brunch option I’ve found in North London? In fact, all of London!

Their avo on toast comes in even cheap at £5.90, whilst smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast is a very reasonable £7.50.

Archies Cafe North London

They were in no hurry to turf us out either, so it was lovely to while away a couple of hours people watching and catching up.

I really can’t find any faults!

Archie’s: 5/5

  • Great value for money
  • Fantastic addition to the local area
  • Tasty food at very reasonable prices


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