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I’ve collaborated with Toblerone this Christmas to share two new products as part of their Christmas gifting range. Plus, I’d love to offer some of my gifting top tips!

Toblerone have gone bigger and better this year with their incredible range of extra special gifts this Christmas. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, or you know someone that would love to unwrap a bar of Toblerone this Christmas, I think these treats will be just the right stocking filler!

For me, Toblerone brings back memories of holidays, where we would always pick up a bar of Toblerone in the airport. It’s gone on to become a special gift because of that reason, a treat if you will. Christmas is the arguably the biggest holiday of the year, so what better time than to gift a bar?

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Toblerone Gifts

  • Toblerone 750g Gifting Bar

This whopping great big bar of Toblerone is fun for all the family! Whether that’s me, my Mum and Dad, or perhaps you have siblings to share with. This would certainly make Christmas extra special. Imagine finding one of these in your stocking this year?

All the delicious milk chocolate and nougat pieces of the original Toblerone, just in super size. This will be perfect for Christmas afternoon or Boxing Day, chilling on the sofa with all the family, watching a Christmas movie!

Priced at just £9.99, it’s also incredibly good value.

  • Toblerone 5 x 100g Gifting Pack

If you’d rather gift individually, this pack of 5 small bars is perfect! Treat the whole family this December, each with their very own bar, and each with a different flavour. This variety gift pack includes 2x original bars, plus a dark chocolate, fruit and nut, and white chocolate (that’s got my name all over it).

Toblerone gifts

Whilst I know exactly who I’ll be gifting these gorgeous treats too, I also wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my top gifting tips!

  • Don’t overthink it!

I’m so bad for this. Especially when I’m buying for someone close to me. I’ll work myself up, stressing over finding the ‘perfect’ gift, when really I’m sure they’d love anything. I know my friends always pick me lovely presents, so I need to have a little more faith in myself too!

  • Quality over quantity

This is in reference to both the gift and the gift wrap! Gone are the days when we were children, wanting as many presents as possible so the tree was jam packed. I now much prefer something special, or something thoughtful. One small gift as opposed to lots of gifts. Equally poor quality wrapping paper can be a nightmare! I’m sure we’ve all been there, wrapping paper tearing around the corners of boxes, or the scissors not being able to cut through it neatly, or the sellotape not sticking (I’m looking at you gold glitter wrap of 2013!).

  • Invest in a sellotape dispenser

Do it. It will change your gift wrapping days forever. No more struggling with the tape and scissors, whilst keeping a hand (or foot) on the present. Just unroll and tear. Done!

Toblerone Christmas 2018 Christmas gifting

Do you love Toblerone? What do you think of Toblerone’s new gifts for Christmas?

December 3, 2018