Winter Dressing with River Island

River Island jewellery

River Island houndstooth coat

Every year I promise myself that I will invest in a good coat for the cold, winter months ahead. This year took a little longer for it to get cold, but now winter is well and truly here. The temperature has dropped, and I’m ready for it. Especially with this new coat from River Island. Not one to normally go for anything more jazzy than a navy blue or camel coloured coat, I felt adventurous this year. So I decided to choose a houndstooth pattern black and white coat, and I haven’t taken it off ever since!

River Island jewellery

What I particularly love about this coat is that it’s slightly different from the average dog tooth coat. The pattern is cut and designed in a really unique way, with patches of different sized pattern. It’s beautifully lined in a burgundy material too, making it feel that bit more luxurious.

London street style

River Island always surprises me with their seasonal clothing and accessories. Autumn/winter is definitely my time to shop, and I often check River Island’s latest collections. The River Island Coats and Jackets selection this year is great! Since purchasing this coat, I’ve seen a couple of others on their site that I like the look of. Lots of pattern and pops of colour! I’m trying to add more colour to my wardrobe, so something like ones below would be great.

L-R: Houndstooth Wool Coat, Brown Check Aviator Coat,Β Green Suedette Coat, Leopard Coat

Do you invest in key winter pieces? Do you like the selections I’ve made?

November 20, 2018
December 3, 2018