LG Soundbar Review

LG Soundbar

LG Soundbar

After moving into our new home – our first bought home (I still can’t believe it) – we thought it was time for a sound upgrade on our TV. Have you ever been sat at home, snuggled on the sofa, ready to watch a film you’ve been dying to see, and then the sound has really let it down? We have a pretty nice, 40 inch TV, yet the sound quality can be so poor at times. Especially when watching loud action films, or dramas with long periods of quiet conversation. The worst tends to be when there is background noise in a scene, and the music ends up drowning out the dialogue.

We’ve found flicked through the multiple sound settings built into the TV itself, but have found nothing makes it any better, and we’ve since come to the conclusion that TV’s in-built speakers are just not up to scratch. AO.com came to our rescue, with the LG Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. This stylish, compact design speaker, produces impressive sound with hi-res audio and adaptive sound control, which automatically tweaks the sound to suit whatever we’re watching. When Stew initially mentioned purchasing a new speaker, I was expecting this oversized and ugly contraption, that would take up the entire living room. So I was pleased when we unpackaged the LG Soundbar and it sat perfectly under our TV, not taking up any extra room, and complimenting our TV perfectly.

LG Soundbar

Although our TV is set on top of a cupboard, you can mount the LG Soundbar to the wall, so if you have a mounted TV, this could be perfect for you also. Also, if you tend to play music through your TV, the subwoofer adds an incredible bass, amplifying the sound, making it great for a gathering, or playing your favourite playlist whilst cleaning – which is often the time I play music in the house (welcome to that adult life).

LG Soundbar remote

Apologies if this post is a little techy, but this has been something that’s bothered us for a while, and now that we’ve upgraded our home, we thought it was about time we upgraded our TV. Priced at around £300, it’s not cheap, but equally, it’s cheaper than buying a new TV – which I don’t believe would’ve fixed the issue, as our TV is good otherwise.

LG Subwoofer

Expect lots more homeware related posts over the coming months, as we add bits and pieces to our home, and try our hand at some decorating. Posts will include both home styling, and more practical posts like this one.

September 4, 2018