Saying Goodbye to Number 39

As we near the end of our time in our first home, I feel a mix of emotions. We’re over the moon to be purchasing a home together, but our one bed rental in North London, has served is well over the past three years. We’ve made many memories in this flat – enjoyed dinner dates with friends, hosted two family Christmases, had countless sleepovers and really made the most out of our fantastic location.

Living Room Inspo

We’ll certainly miss the view, the community of Stroud Green Road, and the hustle and bustle of Green Lanes. But we’re looking ahead to the next chapter of our lives. Our new property is larger, with a second room, and more space within the living areas. Now that we’re on the property ladder, we can make this home truly ours! We’re looking forward to decorating, choosing paint colours, putting together furniture and buying home furnishings to make it just that – a home.

Living room decor

Living in rented accommodation has always had its drawbacks in terms of being able to do what you want with a property. So we can’t wait to get stuck in and put our stamp on our new place. (You’ll have to check in to see whether I’m still saying this in a few weeks time!). Having never decorated a home before, it will certainly be a learning curve, but we’re lucky in that there is no major jobs that need doing. I would like a new bathroom at some point, but that will have to wait until we’ve saved up some more money. For now the property just needs a little refresh.

Bedroom decor

We’re excited to make new memories and build life together in our new place. Top of the agenda is to purchase a comfortable sofa, in which we can relax and read more. We want to create those cosy nooks, that make a home feel like a home. It’s an exciting time! I hope you’ll stick around to see our progress. Expect a lot more homeware and ‘before & after’ style posts.

Bathroom decor

Update! Take a look at our new home, including our bedroom and bathroom makeovers.

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