Taste of London with The King’s Ginger

Taste of London 2018

This year I had the pleasure of attend Taste of London, thank you to the team at The King’s Ginger. It’s hard to believe (being the foodie that I am), but this was my first experience of Taste. I had heard great things from many fellow food bloggers, but hadn’t had the chance to see it for myself, up until now.

The lovely guys behind the brand The King’s Ginger very kindly offered me 2 tickets. Plus a free cocktail from their pretty stand, to kick off our evening. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re a ginger liqueur, originally made back in 1903 by Berry Bros, for the king himself – King Edward VII. Fast forward 100 years, and The King’s Ginger has been re-born, re-launching in the UK in 2009. More recently it’s gone on to win a gold medal at the Liqueur Masters 2017.

Sweet Monday Blog The King's Ginger

How do you drink it I hear you ask? It can be drank beautifully with tonic, creating a more colourful alternative to the classic G&T. However at Taste, the bar team were also rustling up the King’s Summer Cup – comprised of The King’s Ginger, Lemonade and Cranberry Juice. Having a subtle taste of ginger, it also works perfectly in a mulled cider or Negroni. Or add a drop of Prosecco for a more sparkling summer drink.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is of a weaker ABV from the name liqueur. The King’s Ginger comes in a 41% ABV, making it a spirit in it’s own right, and great for cocktails or to be drank neat on the rocks.

Corazon Baja Fish Tacos Barrafina cuttlefish croquetas

After meeting the team and enjoying our Ginger & Tonic, we went on the search for food. With some of the best restaurants exhibiting at Taste, there were plenty of options. We ended up trying Baja Fish Tacos from Corazon (a taco restaurant based near Oxford Circus, that I’ve wanted to try ever since they opened), Cuttlefish Croquetas from Barrafina, Bengali Spring Rolls from Action Against Hunger, and vegan peanut butter ice-cream from MiiRO.

Action Against Hunger MiiRO vegan ice-cream

All in all, we had a lovely evening sampling some great dishes from the finest restaurants in the capital. However, I would say it’s pretty pricey! After paying £20+ for an entry ticket, each dish costs between £6-£10 and they’re extremely small in size – it really is a ‘taste’. Not to mention drinks which are similarly priced. That being said, it’s a great way to check out restaurants on your list that you perhaps haven’t been able to get a table at, and discover new talents.

Have you been to Taste of London before? What do you think of The King’s Ginger? Are you a fan of ginger flavoured drinks?

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