My Skin Journey – Peel Aftercare

A month or so ago I published a very honest post, talking about my personal battle with my skin. Particularly my face and blemishes that I’ve suffered with all my adult life. At the time of writing that post, I had attended two appointments at Skin Philosophy, a specialist skincare clinic based in South West London. Since then I have had two further appointments and wanted to provide an update on my skin.

My skin journey

Third Appointment

For my third appointment, my specialist Maria wanted to try a stronger peel, but unfortunately my appointment landed just two days before I was due to go skiing. Therefore we agreed that it wouldn’t be the best idea to do a more aggressive peel, as I would be more prone to skin damage from the intense sun exposure on the slopes. Instead we decided on another Pumpkin Peel. If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I had a Pumpkin Peel on my very first appointment with Skin Philosophy.

A Pumpkin Peel is designed to help balance the pH levels in order to prevent and treat breakouts, whilst also brightening the skin. It can also help with age management and treating acne and pigmented skin. As it’s less abrasive, and I’d now had two peels, I found that my aftercare was a lot easier. I had much less peeling and was able to treat my skin easily whilst in France skiing. Having said that, because of the strong sun exposure in the mountains, I wore a factor 50 sun cream on my face at all times, to be as careful as possible. I also refrained from using any makeup for the weekend to try and give my skin a break whilst it was healing. This was easier whilst away, as it wasn’t necessary to wear makeup whilst skiing anyway.

In fact, since I’ve been collaborating with Skin Philosophy and documenting my skin journey, I’ve tried to give my skin more regular breaks from makeup, often not applying any at weekends if I don’t have plans, and using minimal foundation during the week where possible. This has not only had a positive effect on my skin, but it’s also had a positive effect on my self confidence. I used to be so self conscious about my skin, never leaving the house without makeup, whereas now I feel much more comfortable embracing my skin. Partly because I can see an improvement from the peels and partly because I’m urging myself to step out of my comfort zone and be happier within my own skin. Of course, this is easier said than done, and it’s baby steps at this stage. But I’m much happier with my skin already!

My acne journey

Fourth Appointment

About three weeks later I headed back to Skin Philosophy for my fourth appointment. Maria noted that my skin looked much better, with fewer breakouts and an improvement in general skin tone and scarring. I had also seen the improvement over the weeks and have been feeling much happier with my skin overall. However, until we can progress to the next stage, and try a new technique (possibly micro-needling or laser), we need to make sure that the problem areas are cured. If we were to move on too quickly, my skin could actually get worse from a more intense treatment, rather than better. This is because, if the skin has not been treated and still has problem/angry areas under the skins surface, a stronger treatment such as laser could cause those problems areas to be multiplied. Instead, we need to treat my skin before we can begin to enhance it. Therefore, on my fourth appointment with Maria, we decided to do another skin peel, this time once called the Jessner peel.

The Jessner Peel is designed to help decongest the skin, preventing persistent breakouts and calming redness. It’s the strongest peel I’ve tried to date, and I noticed some flaking immediately around my nose and mouth area. On this occasion, Maria suggested moisturising as soon as I felt I needed it, rather than drying the skin out further. As this peel is very strong, my skin was extremely dehydrated, so she also recommended drinking more water.

Skin peel


The following day I found that my skin hadn’t peeled any more than what I had initially noticed around my nose and mouth. However, my skin was extremely taught and felt very dry. As I was working that day, I decided to not apply any makeup but to moisturise my face. I used my trusty Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. This was the first day I had gone to work without a drop of makeup on and I had a number of meetings, where I felt extremely self conscious. Not only was my skin dry but it looked very red too. By day two the redness had subsided, but the peeling began and this time is was very aggressive. I had large areas of skin peel off and large areas of cracked, dry skin, visible. But I powered through, refraining from using makeup for a further two days, drinking lots of water, and moisturising when need be. Strangely on this occasion my mouth continued to peel the worst and I had to use lip balm regularly around the corners of my mouth especially, to try to help ease the dryness.

It’s now been another three weeks, and I’m due to go for my fifth appointment this Thursday. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes, but for now, if you have any questions about skin peels, I’ll do my best to answer them. Please leave any questions in the comments below!

April 17, 2018
May 3, 2018