London Eats | Edith’s House, Crouch End

Vegan cooked breakfast

Vegan cooked breakfast

I’ve lived in Crouch End, North London, for almost three years, and it’s taken me all this time to visit Edith’s House! I must’ve walked past this cafe countless times, not realising what lay behind it’s small door and homely window. It wasn’t until I began to see its decor and food all over Instagram, that I discovered that Edith’s House was so local to me. I love that its decades old decor and fantastic menu, have put Crouch End on the London food map!

Boasting a range of vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes, Edith’s House offers brunch/lunch dishes all day until 4pm. Be sure to book at weekend’s, because it can get very busy!

Sweet Monday

When you step inside Edith’s House, it’s like stepping back in time. The cafe is covered from floor to ceiling with household items and furniture from just about every decade! There’s even a dressing table and bathroom, where you can have your lunch. The sugar bowls are ornamental teapots, the juices are served in milk bottles and their baked beans are served with miniature wooden spoon. It’s very kitsch and although I would cry if my house was decorated like this, I absolutely love it!

Edith's House

On the two occasions I’ve been now, I’ve chosen two different meals. Pictured above is the Vegan Bundle – a chickpea and cashew nut patty, layered with garlic infused kale and slow roasted plum tomatoes. Served with a dollop of hummus on top, scattered with soy roasted seeds and drizzled with Edith’s House dressing. Below is the Savoury Pancakes – three gluten free vegan pancakes, made with soya milk, stacked with layers of garlic-infused spinach, a flat mushroom, toasted almonds, cooked beetroot smashed avocado and hummus. And topped with tomato salsa, Edith’s House dressing and soy roasted seeds.

Edith's House Crouch End

Have you visited Edith’s House before? It’s a great spot if you’re vegan or vegetarian, with some really interesting ingredients and flavours. As I mentioned above, they do also offer meat and dairy options too though. So it can be a favourite for everyone!

Edith’s House: 4/5

  • Cute decor
  • Great use of ingredients and flavours
  • Fantastic vegan and vegetarian options
  • Portion sizes are a little on the small side
  • Sitting on a toilet to eat lunch might be a little too much!