Who Wins When You Play the Lottery?

Many of us play the lottery. Why? To see our dreams come true, to help our family and friends, to stop worrying about tomorrow…. This is what “winning the lottery” means to most people. Lotto or EuroMillions, the prizes are mouth-watering and, with a set of numbers, we hope to win big. But, is this all there is to it? Are those pocketing the various prizes the only winners? You might be surprised to learn the answer.

National Lottery

The UK National Lottery has been changing lives for 22 years through its fascinating games. But, this is not all! They are raising on average £30 million per week and invest this money in various causes across the country. Health, education, community sports, athlete funding, arts and heritage project… many dreams came true with lottery money.

Historic Castles and Gardens

Endsleigh Garden in Ivybridge, Victoria Park in London, Leicester’s Abbery Park, Acton Park in Wrexham and Albert Park in Middlesbrough are just some of the hundreds of open spaces that came back to life thanks to the Good Causes Fund’s. With landmarks like Cutty Sark, the Royal Academy of Arts and the British Museum >renovated with lottery money, London alone is a major beneficiary of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Lottery Charity

Many of the history castles throughout the UK have been re-opened to the public thanks to all those who enter the UK Lottery draws every week. Muncaster Castle from Cumbria, Tom Fool’s former residence and Tamworth Castle in Staffordshire, famous for all the Black Lady ghost stories are a standing proof. Together with the medieval Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland, they were part of a special Halloween project this year.

Life Changing

But, probably the most touching stories are those both the National Lottery and its winners are responsible for changing ordinary people’s lives and helping them see the most ardent dreams coming true. This is Jane Hambling’s case. Born with cerebral palsy, the 27-year-old has never known the pleasure of dancing. Her family and friends helped out. The local restaurant donated a part of the money. But Jane could only buy her specialist wheeling chair that cost over £1,000 with Lyanne’s help. Lyanne won £1 million with the Millionaire Maker raffle back in 2016, and has been spreading the wealth, helping her dear ones as well as other people in need.

Lottery winner

National Lottery Winners Who Played Santa Clause

The Christmas season is as much about giving as it is about receiving wonderful presents. Back in 2015, a group of UK National Lottery winners decided to bring the spirit of the season early to sick kids getting treatment at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, England. Armed with sacks full of advent calendars and gifts for the children, the lottery winners delighted the children’s ward with their generosity. And they didn’t just spend their money on material goods. The amazingly kind winners spent their own time reading and playing with the kids — though it seems they benefited from this as much as the kids did!

The patients in the ward are suffering from a variety of illnesses from scarlet fever to cystic fibrosis. The visit from the National Lottery winners brightened all their spirits and made them feel like they were at a holiday party, not in the hospital. One of the children who got a present was 16-month-old Oliver, who was dealing with viral tonsillitis. His mother Lisa was pleased with the lottery winners’ good deeds, stating: “He was a bit grumpy this morning but his new book has cheered him right up.”

The National Lottery winners who helped out included Sean Lloyd, who won £1.8 million the same year. Another participant was Sharon Mather, who grabbed a delicious £12.4 million EuroMillions jackpot win in 2010. Not all National Lottery winners who participated in the charity event were named.

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