Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie's Flowers

How beautiful is this bouquet from Freddie’s Flowers? I was initially introduced to this brand a couple of months ago, when a colleague at work, signed up to their subscription service. When the team behind this fantastic idea got in touch, to see if I would like to receive a bunch of flowers in the mail, I jumped at the chance! I mean, who doesn’t like to be surprised with a bouquet delivered to their door?

This unique service offers a weekly delivery of flowers for just £22. By signing up you get to see which bouquet is due to be delivered next and receive tips and tricks on how to care for your flowers, and how best to arrange them.

Freddie’s Flowers also have a blog where they share their favourite flowers of the season, styling tips and customers photos of their beautiful bouquets.

Freddie's Flowers Freddie's Flowers

It’s quite an exciting feeling being surprised with a new bouquet each week, almost as if it’s your birthday… permanently! I believe that flowers make your home that much more attractive, with both their scent and aesthetic. It might sound silly, but I always feel happier when I have flowers in our flat. They really brighten the place up, even in autumn and winter months, when seeing flowers is a rarity. Freddie’s Flowers are fantastic and choosing flowers that match the season and are long lasting. I’ve had this brilliant white bouquet for a week now, and they’re still fully in bloom. The roses have begun to wilt a fraction, but that’s to be expected. Overall, they still look fantastic, and I’m impressed with the size of the bouquet. When delivered, they arrive flat packed in a narrow box, perfect for sliding through your letter box. However, when I opened them and began to trim and arrange the stems, they soon filled my vase.

Freddie's Flowers

Have you heard of Freddie’s Flowers before? Would you be inclined to sign up to a flower subscription service?

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