Shoryu, Kingly Court

Shoryu ramen

Just looking at the photo above has me craving ramen again. It’s safe to say that ramen is one of my favourite dishes. When we travelled Japan, a couple of years ago, we ate ramen almost every day. It helped that it was winter, and there’s no dish more warming and filling, than ramen.

However, on returning to England, we found the British ramen scene a little lacking. In fact, almost non-existent. That was until we found Shoryu, in London. With a branch in Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street in Soho, Stew and I have ate there on many occasions. This is the best ramen we’ve found in the capital so far, and the closest bowl to what we tasted in Japan.

The secret to a good ramen is in the broth! Most ramen broths in Japan are cooked for days!! Shoryu spend approximately 12 hours creating theirs, cooking down collagen, fat, marrow and calcium. It is then blended with soy and spices to create the final tonkotsu pork broth.

Also extremely important to a good ramen, is the noodles. At Shoryu you can choose whether you want them very hard, hard, medium or soft. I would personally recommend either medium or hard. They’re best when they have a little texture.

And the piece de resistance at Shoryu? The dreamy, soft boiled eggs, with creamy orange yolks. Deeeelicious!

Shoryu Kingly Court

Shoryu: 4/5

  • Best ramen we’ve found in London
  • Tasty broth
  • Perfectly soft egg
  • Noodles cooked how you prefer
  • Not quite 5/5, only because I’m still yet to find ramen as good as I had in Japan… This comes super close though!

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