How To Wash Your Trainers

Washing trainers

If people ask me, ‘what’s the hardest part of moving out?’, I don’t say ‘missing my parents’ or ‘missing my Mum’s cooking’, I say ‘having to do everything for yourself!’ Literally everything. For the most part, Stew and I have coped well since moving out 3 years ago. However, we still get the odd day where something breaks, or something needs stitching back together, and we both look at each other hoping to find the answer… And inevitably end up turning to YouTube. I will never understand how Mum’s (and Dad’s) know how to do everything?!

My Mum is an expert when it comes to clean and sewing. If I ever had a stain in piece of clothing, she’d know how to get it out, or if I ever lost a button, she’d be able to stitch one back on. Now I have to do those things for myself, and they’re hard! For instance, when I managed to spill coffee on my trainers, I had to go about finding a way to cleaning them. Luckily there are many tutorials online and I was able to do so without calling Mum. I’ve since cleaned a lot of pairs of shoes, and so when challenged me to share my best ‘washing hack’, I knew exactly what I’d talk about.

How to Clean Your Trainers:

  1. Start by removing the laces and tying the ends together (so they don’t get stuck anywhere inside the washing machine).
  2. Remove any insoles you may have inside your trainers and brush off any excess dirt.
  3. Put both the laces and trainers into a pillowcase and clip together.
  4. Add the pillow case to your washing machine, with a few towels to stop the trainers banging around too much.
  5. Use a liquid detergent to help prevent powder getting stuck in the trainers.
  6. Set your washing machine to a cold or delicate setting and wash as normal.
  7. Do not tumble dry or spin. Leave to dry naturally.

How to clean trainersClean your trainers

Have you ever attempted to clean your trainers before? Have you used this technique to clean them in the washing machine?

The great thing about our new Samsung AddWash™ Ecobubble washer dryer, is that it’s super quiet, so when you’re washing something like trainers, it doesn’t make a lot of noise.

It also features a number of different settings, which allows us to wash everything easily – whether we have stained clothes, or want to wash our towels on a hotter wash, or if we’re in a hurry there’s a handy 15 minute wash cycle.

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But the best thing about the AddWash is in the name. You can add to the load, even after it’s begun its cycle, with the extra small door on the front. Perfect for those times when you think you’ve emptied all of your linen basket, but then find a lonely sock left behind on the floor. (That seems to happen a lot in our household!)

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I couldn’t be happier with our new washer dryer, courtesy of Not only has it made our lives easier with it’s convenient settings, but it looks super stylish for a washer/dryer. The cool graphite colour and tinted blue door, make it look really slick and modern. It fits perfectly in our kitchen, with it’s dark wood floors and white cabinets. We just need a fridge to match now!

I’d love to hear your washing hacks, or any household hacks you might have. Anything that can make household chores quicker or more efficient is a great tip in my book!

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