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Tower Bridge London

This year we are all about the experiences! For both mine and Stew’s birthday’s back in April, we didn’t buy each other gifts in the traditional sense of clothing, jewellery, chocolates etc. Instead, we opted to book experiences for one another, to be able to enjoy together and create long lasting memories. We also requested that our parents do the same for us. It was a fantastic way to get out and explore our city, eat at fabulous restaurants we wouldn’t necessarily have done otherwise, and generally do something special!

When looking for inspiration on which experiences we’d love to enjoy, and to supply our family with great gift ideas, we found a whole host of fun and interesting experiences on cater for all ages, interests and budgets! Experiences include everything from alpaca walking to terrarium building and urban beekeeping! There’s arts and crafts, dance, sport, food and drink, photography. You name it, they’ve thought of it and collected them all into one very handy category on site. Prices start from just £12 and experiences are available all over the country, not just in London.

I found a few favourites, which we’re hoping to receive this Christmas to enjoy the following spring, around the time of our birthdays next April.

Pineapple Workshop NOTHS

Pimp My Pineapple Workshop for Two

This is something I’d really like to do with a friend. Pineapple’s have gone way beyond fruit this year, with pineapple print pyjamas, pineapple neon lights and even pineapple shaped candles!

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a pineapple, and this class teaches you how to spruce up an actual pineapple, making a beautiful centerpiece. Whether you’d want to simply spray paint in gold, or add sequins or glitter, or even give it a beaded necklace, this workshop lets you get as crafty as your heart desires! A multicoloured neon pineapple would look great as part of a birthday party cake table.

Food Foraging NOTHS

Food Foraging with Gourmet Feast

This sounds super interesting! Obviously I love cooking, and sourcing local ingredients where possible, but actually gathering your food from the countryside and then cooking it, sounds amazing.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and think it would be so helpful to learn what flowers and berries are edible in the wild. I grew up in the countryside and have no idea. We would always go for long walks through the nearby forest and see many different berries, but never knew what was okay to snack on or not.

After foraging, the experience is topped off with a gourmet feast! Depending on the weather, this could be a picnic outside, a bbq on the beach or a delicious meal in a country townhouse.

Meet Alpacas NOTHS

Meet Alpacas in the Lake District

I keep mentioning alpacas, but how cool would this be?! For just £12 you can meet and walk with a herd of alpacas in the Lake District, near Keswick.

We’re actually holidaying in the Lake District next month, and I’m so tempted to book this in. I’m not sure if it would be Stew’s ideal day out, but Alpacas are such funny looking animals, in the cutest way possible! I’d love to walk and feed them. I imagine this would be fantastic if you had young children too. A great day out for all the family, and a unique experience in the Lake District.

Ice-Cream Tour NOTHS

Ice Cream Ecstasy Tour for Two

For all ice-cream and gelato lovers out there, this is absolutely perfect. In just over 2 hours you get to sample over 20 flavours of ice-cream, on a tour around central London.

Hitting spots such as Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road, it’s also a great way to explore the capital. I literally couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon in London, especially on a sunny day. And if this photo is anything to go by, and Snowflake is included on the tour, you won’t be disappointed. I tried their ice-cream for the first time last month and it was insanely good!

Yurt Experience NOTHS

Two Night Yurt Stay

Leaving the best until last, this incredible experience is right at the top of my list! For £350 you can experience a two night stay in a fully furnished yurt in Lancashire, with dinner and breakfast included. The location is super close to the Peak District, and the yurt includes plenty of maps to explore the local area. Perfect for any outdoorsy people or avid explorers.

Since travelling much of Australia and Asia, we’re both keen to see more of our own country and have booked up a two week trip next month to visit the Lake District and Scotland (my first time seeing both). This yurt stay would be another fantastic way to see a new area of the country.

The yurt itself looks SO cute, with a double bed, kitchen and dining area. It also includes a private fire pit so you can sit back and relax as the evening cools. Having stayed in a wooden wigwam last year, and most recently a teepee style tent at a friends wedding, we’d love to stay in a yurt next! Have you ever stayed in anything similar?


Have any of you bought an experience similar to the above from before? Do you opt for experiences like these, over traditional gifts?

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