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We moved into our flat in North London around 2 years ago, and it’s taken us this long to get it looking the way we want it to. When you first move into a new place, the bigger furniture comes together quickly, but adding those finishing touches, looking for those pieces that bring the room together, can take a lot longer. For the best part of 6 months, we have been on the search for a print, framed poster or some type of wall hanging to put behind our bed. Scouring the internet, in the hope of finding something that was the right size, that complimented our other furniture, had proven difficult. The sticking point – trying to find something we both loved!

For the most part, Stew and I have similar tastes when it comes to decor. However, for prints, we found that we couldn’t agree on any. That was until Desenio got in touch!

As if like magic, Desenio answered all of our poster and print needs. With a broad assortment of posters and prints, Desenio adhere to just about everyone’s personal taste. Categories include photographs, fashion, nature, typography and maps, to name but a few.

Desenio Prints

How to choose the right prints for you

The moment I began to browse their website, I knew Stew would love it too. Desenio are a Swedish brand, with a big focus on Scandinavian posters. Founded in 2010, Desenio are now present in over 33 countries across the World. Also selling frames, mounts, hangers and picture ledges, they offer the full package when it comes to ordering prints online. By staying abreast of competitors, they upload new items frequently and all a fantastic level of customisation in terms of size and frame colour.


Shipping from Europe could be tricky, especially with breakables such as frames. However, Desenio package their products perfectly, using the least amount of packaging (something I’m a big advocate of!). Prints are rolled and places in cardboard tubes for protection.

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Complimenting prints

If you would like a pair of prints, such as the ones hanging above our bed, Desenio have a category called ‘Perfect Pair’ designed specifically for this purpose. Their photos include a number of styling shots (including gallery walls)I, giving inspiration as to how they could look in your own home – something we found particularly useful.

If you like the two that we chose, you can find them here and here.

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Do you have prints in your home? Are you looking to update a room with new prints?

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