Where The Pancakes Are

Where The Pancakes Are

The first thing I thought when I read about Where The Pancakes Are was, why did they not call it ‘Where The Pancakes At?’. Just me?! It has more of a ring to it.

Anyway, luckily it’s not all about the name. It’s about the pancakes. What makes this pancake destination stand out over the competition, is their rather instagrammable Dutch pancakes. These wonderfully light pancakes are served in a skillet and are available in two flavours – one sweet and one savoury.

Although they look incredible, I have to say they were a little lacking in flavour. The batter tastes a lot like French toast as is very savoury. You need spoonfuls of the cream served on the side, for it to be sweet. In hindsight, perhaps the savoury option would’ve been better.

Where The Pancakes Are London Bridge
Pancakes in London

Alas, things looked up with their Hummingbird pancakes (pictured above). These deliciously light and fluffy American pancakes were everything we dreamt of and more! With cinnamon poached pineapple, Greek cream, lime syrup, lime zest, pomegranate seeds and toasted coconut shavings, they were truly a taste sensation!

The lime juice is served in a jug on the side, and when you pour it over, all the other ingredients come together perfectly. I’ve never thought of putting lime juice on pancakes before, but I sure am going to try this at home next time.

Another flavour that looked intriguing was the Forest Berries, served with forest berry compote, Greek cream, crushed meringue and toasted almond flakes. I might have to head back again to try those ones.

Dutch Pancakes London
Where The Pancakes Are

Aside from the name bugging me and the Dutch pancakes being underwhelming, this cool spot is worth a visit if you’re in the London Bridge area. I wouldn’t make the trip from North London (like we did) again just for pancakes, but certainly if I’m around Borough Market, I would go again.

Where The Pancakes Are: 3/5

  • The Hummingbird sweet pancakes are a must!
  • Cute interiors and a lovely outdoor seating area. (A rarity in London).
  • Worth a visit if you’re in the London Bridge area and craving pancakes.
  • Vegan and gluten free options available.

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