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Asia de Cuba

Asia de Cuba new summer menu 2017

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to dine with likeminded foodies at the beautiful St Martins Lane Hotel. Here we feasted on dishes from the new summer menu at in house restaurant, Asia de Cuba, from head chef Luis Pous.

The setting was perfect for a leisurely dinner, accompanied by mojitos and wonderful company. As we took our seats, the first course soon arrived. My photos do not do justice to the incredible array of colours, textures and smells. It was a feast for not only the eyes, but all of the other senses too.

Being all food bloggers, we patiently waited for each other to get ‘the’ shot, arranging plates and cutlery, before tucking in. The wait was worth it – absolutely phenomenal cooking and fantastic ingredients! Each dish took on an unusual flavour combination, but one that worked perfectly in unison with each other. I can’t put into words how delicious it all was. Really 10/10 cooking and a dream to eat!

Asia de Cuba
Asia de Cuba blogger dinner

My favourite out of the starters had to be the Shrimp Ceviche, served with edamame, charred avocado, shiso and red onion, and garnished with mint and coriander. The charred avocado was still warmed and melted in the mouth, whilst the shrimps were cooked to perfection, so that they were packed full of colour and texture.

The Roast Beetroot Salad included an edamame pesto which was unlike anything I’d ever taste before. Pesto and edamame peas are 2 of my favourite things, so this was perfect for me.

The Tomato Salad sounded a little underwhelming on paper, but it certainly didn’t disappoint when it landed on the table. Again, the colours were phenomenal, with a range of different tomatoes used. It came with a really lovely parsley purée, Asian basil, mint and a giant parmesan sesame crisp – which we fought over! If like me, you’re not the biggest fan of tomatoes, you will be pleasantly surprised by this plate. Each tomato was perfectly ripe and full of flavour.

Asia de Cuba St Martins Lane Hotel
Asia de Cuba
Asia de Cuba new menu

Just as we were beginning to think that the evening couldn’t get any better, out came the show stopping mains. First up was the Steamed Sea Bass (pictured above). As the waiter removed the lid of the cast iron pot, you were instantly hit with the smell from the its mushroom consommé. So good in fact was the consommé that we each proceeded to drain the bowl with our spoons, lapping it all up. It was a broth like no other, and mushrooms aren’t something I would naturally put with sea bass, but yet again Chef Pous had nailed it!

Asia de Cuba summer menu

Also for mains we shared a Vegan Pad Thai, which I didn’t think was possible at first, what the fact that almost all Thai cuisine used fish sauce. However, I can hand on heart say that I have NEVER tasted a Pad Thai so good before! Yes I know, it’s a big statement. But I really believe it… And I’ve eaten a lot of Pad Thai in my life, so this is a big compliment. Who knew vegan food could be so delicious?!

However good the Pad Thai was though, nothing could beat the pièce de résistance… Welcome the Coffee Crusted Ribeye…

Asia de Cuba steak

This incredible slab of meat was food rare (to perfection), with its coffee crust, lashings of shiso butter and freshly ground sea salt, I think I dreamt about this dish all night! Served with a wasabi miso mash, this had to be THE dream dish for me. I would normally put fries with steak, but I’m so glad it was served with mash – it’s literally my favourite way to serve potato, and this particular mash was super creamy, beautifully rich, and the touch of wasabi and that hint of warmth. It was truly incredible, and paired with the coffee crusted steak, the 2 were made for each other!

If my photos and review have tempted you, I urge you to book in for dinner soon and please please please, if there’s one thing you do – order the Coffee Crusted Steak, Vegan Pad Thai, Steamed Sea Bass and Shrimp Ceviche. Oh and the Roasted Beetroot Salad. And the Tomato Salad 😉

It was really a wonderful evening and I honestly could not fault the food whatsoever. Huge 10/10 from me!

Unfortunately I had to sadly leave before the dessert, but I’ve heard that the Chocolate Avocado Mousse is again a must-try.