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Occasion Wear Dresses Ideas
1. Simons embroidered mesh dress
2. Lace cami dress
3. Red tea dress
4. Lace midi dress
5. Frill smock dress

I have a number of weddings coming up in my calendar this year, and along with weddings, often comes hen dos. I’ve found it really difficult choosing an outfit to wear to both, and so although I haven’t published a ‘wish list’ style post in a while, I thought I would share some dress gems that I’ve found in my relentless searching, in case any of you are experiencing similar troubles.

I have one summer wedding and one winter wedding – the latter often being a minefield when it comes to knowing what to wear. I also have a number of hen dos dotted all over the country and at different times of year, bringing with them different weather, different activities and different times of day. One of which we’re staying in a gorgeous house in the country for, and so I want a nice dress to wear for dinner on the one evening. Who knew hen party accommodation could be so fancy! The house was booked through and the photos look incredible. Super excited!

The hen do is later in the year, further south and so far activities haven’t been decided, but I want something new to pack for the evening, especially if we end up going out for drinks and cocktails. I very rarely buy dresses, especially not ones for special occasions like this, so I’m happy to add some colour and different textures to my wardrobe for a change. However, I’m on a relatively tight budget, I can’t afford to buy an outfit for each hen do and each weddings, so I’m looking for items I can possibly wear twice.

My choices above are based on my personal style a little, but also on what I feel will be comfortable, could be worn for multiple occasions and is still a little fashionable. (Not that I know what is fashionable in the world of occasion wear these days!). Simon’s have some stunning dresses on their site, and a number have caught my eye that I think I could wear to the summer wedding and possibly to one of the hen dos. – I forgot to mention the summer wedding is in a field with a marquee and we’ll be staying in a wigwam style tent, glamping! So a floral number will be perfect.

Although the first dress is black, I think it’s absolutely stunning with its mesh and embroidered details. I know many think wearing black to a wedding is a ‘no-no’, but with its floral embroidery, I think this midi dress will be okay. Plus I can add some colour with shoes and a handbag. It would also be perfect for the country hen do, especially if the weather is anything like this week! The second also includes black (I just can’t get away from the colour), but I really love the mix of prints and texture. The third is more casual, and much more style, but I think it would be perfect for a hen do, dresses up with some heels and a cute bag, and I think it would be fitting for the summer wedding as I don’t know the bride and groom all that well, and it’s a more casual affair.

The fourth dress I’ve featured, I’ve actually bought now. It’s by Pretty Little Thing but I bought it via ASOS. It fits like an absolutely dream and I love the way it makes me look like I’ve actually got curves! The attention to detail in the fabric and shape is amazing, and although (yet again) it features black, I think it will be fine for both weddings. I can accessorise with nude for summer and black for winter maybe! I’ve never bought from PLT before but I’m so pleased with the dress. The quality is fab!

Finally, the fifth dress has been sitting in my ‘saved items’ for a while and I’m so torn. I love the colour, the print and the shape, but there’s something I’m just not sure about. I think it would be too hot in summer with the sleeves, although it does look very summery. Hmm maybe I should just buy it too and compare them. Although this one is slightly more expensive at £75. Ah, decisions decisions!

What do you think to my picks? Are you attending any weddings or hen dos this year? I’d love to hear what you normally look for in a dress for a special occasion, or whether you mix it up for a jumpsuit or two piece instead.

On a side note, I’ve been really excited to share something with you all. I have recently collaborated with Farfetch on an article for Dolce & Gabbana’s new SS17 collection, and the article is now live! You can view it here. There’s me plus a whole host of other lovely females showcasing their beautiful styled looks. Let me know what you think! 🙂