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For years now I’ve owned an Amazon Kindle, which I use daily to read on my commute to work in the mornings, at night when I get into bed and it’s great to take on holiday as it’s so lightweight. I’ve sworn by it, and still do, but I’ve recently been introduced to the Amazon Fire which has changed my life!

Not only does the Fire allow me to read books in the same way as the Kindle, but I can now also catch up on TV or watch films with Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc. Now when I catch the train home to visit my family at a weekend I can catch up on the week’s worth of TV shows I’ve missed or when I fly to Madrid in a couple of weeks for a short break, I can watch a film on the plane. It’s fantastic!

Amazon Fire magenta

You can also download your favourite apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Spotify on to the Fire tablet. So I know longer need to have my phone on me, listening to music whilst reading on the tube. Instead I can do it all direct through the Fire.

Having never owned a tablet before, this has honestly changed my life. I’ve always had a laptop and a mobile phone, and even a music player before I had enough storage on my phone for music, and had never seen the point in also owning a tablet. However, it makes life so much easier having everything in one place, especially when traveling, but also like I said, commuting to and from work. The tablet is lightweight and fits perfectly into my handbag.

Amazon Fire review

It’s also now available in three new colours – magenta, blue and tangerine, so you can choose your favourite colour. This is the 8GB which retails at £49.99 but there’s also a 16GB available for £59.99, depending on how much storage you need.

Do you own an Amazon Fire or tablet? Do you think a tablet is a good purchase?

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