Event | Butterkist Happy Place Project


Last week I was lucky enough to attend an event with Butterkist popcorn at St Martins Lane Hotel in central London. The event was an evening designed to unlock our happy place, with a talk from positive psychology expert and Doctor of Happiness, Andy Cope. His presentation was extremely engaging and enlightening.

As I’m sure you can guess the UK as a whole is quite a negative nation. In fact we came 19th in this year’s World Happiness Report. Whereas Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark, who came 1st and 2nd respectively, have a much more positive outlook on life. The Danish philosophy of Hygge has recently made a break through here in the UK, and it’s certainly something I’ve looked into.


Happiness doesn’t necessarily need to a big event such as a holiday, or wedding, or a birthday. Instead it can be the smaller things in life like staying in with your partner on a Saturday night curled up on the sofa, or getting coffee with your Mum and putting the world to rights. As Andy pointed out, humans live for an average of 4000 weeks and too many of spending our lives wishing weeks away by counting down to a holiday or to a festival etc. Instead we should focus on the here and now and try to be a happier person in day to day life. Plus, by being happier you automatically make others around you happier. To put this into context, I recently met up a with friend who had been having a hard time of late. They had every right to be negative, but I recognised that it was rubbing off into all areas of their life. By putting a positive spin on circumstances and being happy within myself, I was able to lift their spirits and I hope in turn they lifted others.

Butterkist popcorn

Andy’s presentation certainly left me feeling more positive and happier as we all mingled and chatted afterwards. Happiness is almost infectious like laughter is or smiling. If you smile at someone, it’s likely they will smile back. Or if you laugh at something funny, it’s likely the people around you will smile.

Butterkist chocolate martini

The evening also offered a chance to meet both the Butterkist PR agency and in house brand team, to discuss the history of the brand and it’s recent re-branding. I had no idea that Butterkist was first formed over 100 years ago. The brand has recently undergone new branding with a heart shaped logo and new flavours, taking the brand back to their roots and focussing on what their customer loves. Their new campaign #ButterkistHappyPlace is a chance for customers to share their own happy moments over a sharing bag of Butterkist. I think it’s a great idea to get friends and family together, and to think about what popcorn reminds you of. For me it’s a cosy night in watching a film, or a Friday night watching the Graham Norton show with my Mum 🙂

What’s your happy place?