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Bloom and Wild flower review

I’m sure all of you have heard of Not On The High Street before, but just in case you haven’t – Not On The High Street is an online store, offering unique gift ideas, from personalised gifts and home decorations, to food and drink hampers, jewellery and even fashion. Not only that, but they help support small creative businesses, with over 5,000 stocked on site.

Many of the products NOTHS sell can be personalised, right down to the font, colour, style and even material. However, many other items can be personal without being personalised. For example, this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Bloom & Wild were purchased via NOTHS. They were delivered through my letter box on Monday, whilst I was at work, and another bouquet with follow shortly because this is actually part of a fortnightly, three month subscription. For £95 you can purchase this fantastic offer, receiving a bunch of flowers from Bloom & Wild every two weeks, for three months, directly from NOTHS. What makes Bloom & Wild different to any other flower delivery service, is that your bouquet is delivery in a box that’s just small enough to squeeze through your letter box. Meaning no more, waiting in for deliveries, or getting them delivered to a neighbour, or hoping and praying they’re not sent back with the courier and die overnight! It’s genius and perfect for the busy lives we lead these days.

Bloom & Wild review
Bloom & Wild bouquet review
Bloom & Wild subscription
Bloom & Wild flower delivery

Each flower is carefully packaged so that they’re not damaged in transit, and clear instructions are labelled inside the box, detailing how best to arrange and look after your flowers. The flowers are also delivered just ahead of full bloom, meaning they may still be in bud at the time of delivery. However, this means that the bouquet will last much longer. The photos of the bouquet in this post were taking the day after delivery.

This was a gift idea that I wouldn’t have normally thought of, but flowers always put a smile on a persons face. I know I love receiving flowers, and sure enough, coming home to this bouquet this week, really brightened up my day.

Bloom & Wild review
Bloom & Wild subscription
Bloom & Wild, Not On The Highstreet

I had received a bouquet from them for my birthday last year from a friend, but had no idea that they were stocked on NOTHS, or that you could order a regular subscription service like this. I will certainly remember this one for future gift ideas. At £95, it’s also great value for money. To think that I would probably spend around £20-£25 if I was to gift a bouquet for my Mum for example. Whereas with this deal, I will receive at least 6 bouquets for £95, making them around £15 each. They also happen to be some of the best flowers I’ve received. The bunch that I had for my birthday stayed fresh for over a week, and I actually ended up drying some of them out afterwards and still have them in a bottle to this day!

Bloom and Wild flower subscription

Have you ever used NOTHS for buying and sending gifts before? Did you know that they offered gifts like this one?