Mother Mash, Carnaby Street

Mother Mash

I can’t believe I only have one photo of this amazing meal!! Ahh! I’m so sorry, but I have to say it was so damn good, I didn’t have chance to photograph it before I wolfed it down.

Pie and mash are a match made in heaven. They go perfectly and I love both of them so very much! So when I heard that a restaurant had popped up, just off Carnaby Street, with a menu dedicated to my favourite meal, I had to pay a visit!

Mother Mash also serve up sausage and mash, but for me, nothing beats the humble pie. Mother Mash have nailed it with their small, but perfectly formed menu.

  • Step 1: Choose your mash
  • Step 2: Choose your main
  • Step 3: Choose your gravy

It’s that simple! I decided to go for the ‘champ’ mash – traditional Irish mash with milk, butter, cheddar cheese and spring onions. However, it wasn’t an easy decision. It was between that and the cheesy mustard (cheddar cheese and wholegrain mustard) or the horseradish mash. I’m happy with my choice though and will just have to pay another visit to try one of the others!

As I said, for main you can choose between pie or sausage. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sausages, so it was all about the pie selection for me. I kept it classic with a traditional mince beef, but Chloe chose the chicken, leek and bacon which looked equally as good. (We were both far too hungry and too excited over our own dishes to try each others).

For any vegetarians reading this, they also do a butternut squash and goat’s cheese pie and a Mediterranean roast veg pie.

There are 5 types of gravy (I had no idea you could have this many types of gravy)! I kept it simple again, not wanting to steal anything away from the mash, with a traditional gravy using juices from the sausages and vegetables. Chloe chose the onion gravy which was caramelised red and white Spanish onions with vegetarian stock, but the liquor ‘farmer’s’ also caught my eye – red wine, onion, smoked bacon and mushrooms. I really will have to go back to try some more!

All mash with sausages are priced at £9.25 and all mash and pie is priced at £9.95. Mother Mash also serve a selection of bottled beers, wine and soft drinks, plus a dessert menu boasting favourites such as sticky toffee pudding and apple pie. Unfortunately we’d had a couple of cocktails before hand, so couldn’t possibly squeeze in a dessert. I’m shocked that we didn’t though. Apple crumble is my fave and it was on there. Damn! There’s also a selection of sides including mushy peas, cauliflower cheese and baked beans, if the pie and mash alone aren’t enough.

This really is my dream restaurant!! I’ll definitely have to go back and pick some other options next time… And take more photos!!

Mother Mash review: 5/5

  • As cheap eats go, it doesn’t get better than this/li>
  • Great food
  • Simple menu
  • Pie and mash – need I say more
  • Mash, mash and more mash.

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