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A good friend of mine has recently started their own business, and I’ve been longing to share their health and fitness focussed subscription box with you all.

Founded earlier this year, Wellthos is an innovative and inspiring newΒ subscription box, packed with health and fitness focussed products, to help provide a healthier lifestyle. If like me, you’re guilty of making new years resolutions and not sticking to them, or promise yourself you will join that gym, or you will cut out that naughty food you love, but unfortunately you find it hard to stick to or to change up your routine, I feel Wellthos is here to help us all to be a better us.

Wellthos provides a monthly box of goodies designed to help educate around what is truly healthy and good for you, and what fitness can be easily achieved at home and isn’t just a fad! With an expert nutritionist, WellthosΒ is a box you can believe in.

Wellthos subscription box

Their first box features a number of different things including snacks, food, protein, drinks and exercise equipment. It also includes a couple of recipe cards not only designed to inspire you to create healthier choices but also to give inspiration on how you can use the likes of protein and different ingredients to make tasty snacks and meals easily.

Wellthos box
Wellthos healthy food and lifestyle box
Wellthos healthy subscription box
Wellthos lifestyle box
Wellthos food subscription box

Not only that, but you may notice that the box is full of some of the best products and brands around! Considering this is their first box, I’m blown away by the quality and popularity of the brands involved with Wellthos. I mean, Pip & Nut – need I say anymore?! I’m also very excited to try the Daisy & Dom vegan chocolate and the blue Zaramama pop-a-cob – so intrigued!

Wellthos subscription box
Pip and Nut peanut butter on toast

I recently stopped by the Pip & Nut toast bar in Selfridges and couldn’t resist recreating one of their toast toppings with this jar of Pip & Nut – peanut butter on rye bread with coriander, lime and chilli. Delicious! I love peanut butter (like really LOVE it) and want to get more creative with something that’s otherwise so simple. So I’m super happy that a jar of Pip & Nut was included in the box.

I’ve also tried the protein balls and I’m surprised at how yummy they are. I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but after my PT session last week I decide to give them a try. They’re made with peanuts and dates and are so nice. Obviously I like them, they have peanuts in them ha!

Pip & Nut peanut butter

If you’re interested in Wellthos please head over to their website to find out more. I can’t wait to see what the next box brings!