Personal Branding Tips You Can Learn from YouTube’s Beauty Vloggers

Sweet Monday

The internet is filled with profitable business opportunities. You just have to have a keen eye for spotting the one for you. In the case people who are into beauty products and services, vlogging is the gem you have been looking for. Beauty YouTube vloggers like Tanya Burr (and her collection of nail polishes and lip glosses) and Sam and Nic Chapman, who developed their make-up hobby into a great business, are some of the many sensational successes the internet has seen in recent years.

If you have a passion for beauty products and services and want to venture into vlogging, there’s no point in hesitating. Here are some great branding tips, from successful YouTube beauty vloggers, you can leverage:

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

You may be passionate about one aspect of beauty (passion is great, by the way), but what if it’s another aspect that will unleash your success? Take Tanya Burr, for instance. She started off uploading make-up tutorial inspired by celebrities. But as soon as she branched out into fashion and lifestyle vlogging, her traffic spiked. Now she has over 2million subscribers. Don’t ground yourself. Always experiment.

Use Google Search

Anna Gardner (the brains behind Vivianna Does Makeup) believes you shouldn’t neglect the usefulness of google search when trying to grow your beauty vlogging brand. Run google searches on various helpful topic, from “when to post on YouTube” to “how to make a YouTube video”. You will be surprised at what you can learn about setting up your beauty brand on YouTube by simply googling.

Don’t Confine Yourself to YouTube

The internet is vast, and there are a lot of ways you can draw attention to your YouTube beauty channel. Join other social media platforms, especially now that videos views have become popular on Facebook and Instagram. Setup a blog to support your YouTube channel. Tell your friends about what you are doing so they can help you spread the word.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success

According to Gardner who generates 70% of her income from advertising on her blog, “Good things come to those who wait…” Don’t expect you YouTube views or followers to spike on your first day. It can take years to become successful as a vlogger on YouTube. So be patient and work diligently.

Invest in Your Vlogging Platform

An investment can come in the form of finance or time. If you plan on earning via your vlog, then investing becomes very essential. As you grow, get a better camera. Rent a space for your platform. Add more touch of professionalism. If your platform can afford a cameraman or a professional video editor, go for it.

You can even take out an insurance for your equipment to protect yourself against loss or damages. There are a number of reputable providers that now offer various types of insurance for beauty vloggers. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Build Good Relationships by Being Professional

Kat Clark who owns Tales of a Pale Face believes that professionalism and good relationships are what sets a vlogger up for success. She said that a good fraction of her collaborations with sponsors come from existing relationships. You can learn from her. Always try to make a decent first impression. And be sure to maintain that impression.

Put Your Follower First

That’s what Lily Pebbles thinks. Always think about what your followers want to view—you can even ask them. Think of their needs. Analyse your posts to understand the type of topics with the most views. Always reply to comments. Avoid sponsorship deals that are in conflict with your vlogging brand.

There you have it. The vlogging world is yours to conquer. But remember that as you finally begin to thrive as a vlogger, it would be anticlimactic to slack. Push ahead. Strive to be more creative and professional. Never stop making compelling beauty videos.

Written by Elizabeth Hill