Fabled – The Beauty Store by Marie Claire


Fabled, Marie Claire

A little while ago I discovered this online beauty store – Fabled. Fabled is the beauty store from Marie Claire, selling a whole host of premium and unique beauty brands. Some I had heard of before, and others were a new find. The site is also home to the Marie Claire Edit, which is in essence a beauty blog that gives tips on how to create different hairstyles and make-up techniques, plus editors top picks.

Fabled is split into a range of categories making it super easy to shop. If you know exactly what you’re looking for you can shop directly by brand. Otherwise, there is skin care section, make-up, hands & nails, bath & body, hair care, fragrance and wellbeing. Plus a whole section for men’s products too! The wellbeing section is great for discovering new and organic brands, and you can find products designed to compliment fitness, ones for energy, others for detoxing and supplements.

Before tackling the extensive range of products available, I decided to think about what I needed, rather than what I wanted. I had recently ran out of hand cream, and at this time of year my hands always suffer from dry and chapped skin. So I started my shop in the hand & nails category. Here I found that Fabled stocked one of my all time favourite, go-to brands – Korres. They sold a number of their hand creams, and so I chose to go for a scent that I hadn’t previously bought before. Once added to my bag, this led me on to find out what other Korres products Fabled stocked, and I was delighted to find that they had my favourite conditioner in stock. So I immediately added that to the bag too!

Fabled the beauty store by Marie Claire
Fabled online beauty store

I was nearing the end of my night moisturiser too and felt that the brand I had currently been using wasn’t all that effective, and I was keen to try something new. I had heard of Weleda before and had tried many testers of theirs in beauty boxes over the years. So I decided to try their Smoothing Night Cream in Wild Rose. Rose isn’t a scent I would normally pick. I’m not into floral scented beauty products. However, I was pleased to find that it’s not an overwhelming scent at all. In fact, it’s very pleasant. I’ve only been using it for a week but already I’ve seen an improvement with the moisture of my skin on my face. Since Christmas I’ve suffered with very drying skin, especially around the edges of my face, towards my hair line. This Weleda product has helped maintain that and I can’t wait to continue using it.

Fabled Marie Claire online beauty shop

I also chose to add an Essie clear top coat to my bag as my previous O.P.I top coat was nearing it’s end and was beginning to become difficult to get out of the bottle. Essie is my favourite nail polish brand. They always have fantastic colours that I love and I find they last much longer than most other brands! So I’m happy to have this clear top coat in my collection.

But I have to say, regardless of the fact Fabled stock my favourite brands and lots of great products, the best thing thing I found about the site (which I have to shout about) is that they deliver via Ocado. I didn’t realise that this was a thing before shopping with Fabled, but it is genius! I guess because Ocado are already delivery lots of food orders throughout the day, they are able to add Fabled deliveries to their route easily and it means that customers, like me, can choose a time slot of when they’d like their delivery. Gone are the days of missing parcels during the day when you’re out and having to make a special trip to the local Post Office to collect them, or having to have parcels delivered to work and then carry them home at the end of the day. Instead, with Fabled I could pick an evening delivery between 8-9pm at my convenience. And sure enough, at 8.10pm my delivery arrived! This is fantastic service and I don’t know why other brands haven’t done the same. It’s so handy and it makes ordering online even more convenient!

If you like the sound and look of Fabled and would like to place an order you can receive 15% off your first order up until 6th March with my code – VOU125825517. Happy shopping!

February 12, 2017