Avocado on Rye, with Pomegranate and Feta

Avocado on rye

I love to head out at a weekend for brunch with friends or with my boyfriend, Stew. I often opt for the classic avocado on toast, because I much prefer a savoury brunch dish, than a sweet one, and nothing goes together better than avocado and poached egg. I could literally eat the two together every day!… Well maybe not every day, but at least every week. So with that in mind, I chose to re-create the much loved breakfast favourite and add my own personal twist for this week’s recipe.

We’ve all had avocado on toast before, but have you had it on rye before? Or have you had it with juicy bursts of pomegranate seeds scattered on top? If the answer is no, but you like the sound and look of this dish – follow these simple steps to having a healthier breakfast. Avocados are rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that can improve your skin, whilst pomegranate seeds are known to help slow aging of the skin. So not only will this dish taste delicious, it will make you feel great too! Rye bread is also very healthy, and is often considered the superior grain to wheat or barley. It can help aid weight loss and control blood sugar levels. Rye is a bread I’ve only recently started eating. The one I’ve chosen to use in this dish is flavoured with pumpkin seeds, giving it a really nutty texture.

This recipe can easily be adapted to use whichever toppings you wish. I have previously used avocado and pomegranate seeds with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Today however, I am using a little crumbled feta cheese and a drizzle of lime juice. Cheese is not always favoured as being healthy, however if you choose a reduced fat feta, and only use a small amount (which is all that’s needed, as it has a strong flavour), feta is full of calcium to keep your bones strong, and minerals to support a healthy heart, muscles and nerves.


  • 1x small ripe avocado
  • 2tbsp crumbled reduced fat feta
  • 2tbsp pomegranate seeds
  • 2x lime segments
  • 1 slice of rye bread
  • Salt and pepper to season


  1. Begin by grilling your rye bread at 180 degrees for a couple of minutes on both sides.
  2. Remove the skin and stone of your avocado and mash with a fork in a bowl. Add the juice from one lime segment, a dash of salt and pepper, and mix thoroughly.
  3. Remove your rye bread from the grill, cut diagonally and place on a large plate. Spoon your avocado on top and sprinkle over the crumbled feta and pomegranate seeds.
  4. Finish with another drizzle of lime juice from the remaining segment, plus a little black pepper.

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