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Regent Street Christmas Lights

Regent Street Christmas lights 2016

At Christmas time, it’s quite easy to be sidetracked by all the shiny gifts, scrumptious food and brilliant parties. Of course, there’s a lot of the fun in getting dressed up, giving and receiving presents – and eating until you’re so full you couldn’t possibly eat one more bite – but it’s also a great time to think about those less fortunate. In fact, we’d say that’s the true spirit of Christmas. This doesn’t have to be a chore – there are loads of fun but effective ways to help out over the festive season.

Giving To Charity

Charity donations might be the last thing that you can afford over this expensive season, but you don’t need to worry too much – there are plenty of ways you can help doing things you would already be doing! Research by Voucherbox has shown that 17.4% of the population purchased a Christmas jumper last year, and then you have all those who already own one as well. National Christmas Jumper Day, organised by Save The Children, encourages people to wear these jumpers to raise money for children in desperate need of support. Not only will you stay warm, but wearing your woolly could save lives! There are plenty of cute ones to choose from, with all the major fashion retailers getting in on the action. Showing off your silly side at work, school or home is a great way to fundraise for all those extra pennies for the charity, with the added benefits of not having to wear your boring work clothes when you’re in a festive mood!

Christmas jumper


Believe it or not, Christmas is actually the most common time of the year to volunteer, which is really lovely when you think about it! Whilst some of us are busy unwrapping presents and drinking expensive wine, some people aren’t so lucky. Many homeless people won’t even have a bed to sleep in, let alone a fun Christmas Day planned. If you want to help them have a warm meal, or if you want to help other groups of people who might be lonely or suffering, you’ll need to plan and register in advance. There aren’t many opportunities at this time where you can just turn up, so plan in advance or you may be turned away! There are lots of ways you can help though, from keeping the elderly company through to distributing warm clothes to the homeless and taking care of the sick and children, too.

Spending Time With Loved Ones

Instead of focusing on those new shoes or playing on your new iPhone this Christmas, use it as a time to appreciate your family, friends and loved ones. Some of your older relatives may well not socialise very much anymore, and a Christmas lunch with you might be the highlight of their entire year. Be sure to exchange stories, photos and memories around the table – and way before that, don’t forget to send them all Christmas cards. Remember, stay off your phone as much as you can! It’s tempting to stay glued to it as you wish your friends across the world a great day. That can all wait, though, as being in the moment is so important. You won’t all be there forever, so live each moment like it’s your last.

Christmas wrapping paper

This Christmas, be a little selfless. You’ll find being kind and loving can be just as rewarding as getting gifts!

December 22, 2016