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JING peppermint tea

As part of my morning routine, I always have a cup of peppermint tea. Known for it’s many health benefits, I find this particular herbal tea is a great way of waking myself up with it’s heavenly, refreshing mint flavour and scent. Plus it helps to calm the body and mind, something needed after a stressful commute through central London. Never before have I had a peppermint tea quite as pretty as this one from JING though. Made from pure peppermint leaves, this loose leaf tea not only looks spectacular, but the scent and flavour is incredible. I’ve never had a mint tea in it’s purest form like this before. It’s minty fresh, cooling and refreshing. Just what I need first thing in the morning.

Tea is something I feel we’re all born to like in the UK. It’s in our blood. It’s in our heritage. We drink it everyday, whether it’s a peppermint tea like I have, or a classic English brew. It’s a talking point at work, it’s what you crave when you get in after a long day, it’s what we settle down with on the sofa in front of a film. It’s perhaps something we all take for granted. Something that we drink out of habit. So what better gift to give this Christmas, than a beautiful set of teawares, or an unusual flavour of tea. I’m sure it would put a smile on a loved ones face, and make their routine all that much brighter.

It’s certainly something I would love to receive this year. In fact, my friends know me so well, that they very often buy tea for my birthday or for Christmas. I love to sample different flavours from all over the world.

JING tea set
JING tea

JING sell a whole range of beautiful teawares to serve your beloved tea in. Including this wonderful glass teapot. Hand blown, and containing up to 500ml, it is perfect for two cups of tea. With a built in tea strainer in the neck of the teapot, no amount of tea leaves escape into the cup. The cups themselves are twin walled, keeping the tea warm, and your hands cool. Once you’ve used a tea glass like this, you won’t look back. They’re incredibly practical and beautifully minimal in design. I absolutely love them!

JING glass teapot

I also love that the glass tea pot has a slightly more traditional style to it, with the cute lid. And I think it compliments the modern tea glasses perfectly. This is really quite a showstopper of a tea set. I can’t wait to brew a pot for my Mum when she next visits. She loves tea just as much as I do, and I know she will fall in love with this particular tea pot. I might have to purchase a similar one Mother’s Day next year.

JING sell many wonderful flavours of tea too, in both loose leaf and tea bag form. Not only can you filter their site via colour – whether you prefer green or black tea for example – but you can also filter by country and taste. I found this particularly interesting, and also chose a small bag of refreshing white tea, with jasmine buds.

Altogether the set, and peppermint tea, almost look too good to drink. It’s just so pretty.

JING glass teaware

For the more practical in us, I was concerned of how to clean the tea pot, but I needn’t have been. It’s easy to get the leaves out through the top and a just a little hot soapy water, swilled around a few times, clears everything out just fine. Be sure to rinse thoroughly so that no soap remains left behind though.

Will you be giving the gift of tea this year? Do you love tea? Would you like to receive something similar this year?