Selfridges Hat Box Hamper

Selfridges hat box hamper

How absolutely divine is this Selfridges hamper? When it was delivered, in it’s signature yellow and white striped hat box, I almost screamed with excitement! The Selfridge’s yellow is so iconic. Even to this day, after having been a customer for the past few years, I still get so excited when I receive the little yellow bag with the Selfridges logo emblazoned on the side, at the checkout. Their branding is fantastic. As soon as you see the colour yellow, you immediately think of Selfridges.
And when you receive a yellow box this big, well, you know it’s going to be good! This is the Champagne Afternoon Tea Hat Box, priced at £85. It includes a bottle of champagne, all-butter chocolate sandwich biscuits, ginger biscuit thins, earl grey tea, afternoon tea and traditional fruit cake.  This would make the ideal gift for a loved one this Christmas. It has all the essentials to kick start the festive period! I personally can’t wait to pop open the champagne on Christmas morning. It’s a tradition in our family to enjoy a glass of Buck’s Fizz or two with breakfast, and what better to accompany our fresh orange juice, than a Selfridges bottle of champagne?!

Selfridges champagne afternoon tea hamper
Selfridges Christmas hat box hamper

Selfridges Champagne Afternoon Tea hat box hamper – £85*

A couple of things we won’t be able to resist, and hold off until Christmas, are the two different types of biscuits. We’ve already opened the chocolate sandwich biscuits. In fact, they were opened as soon as we received the hamper, even before taking these photos. Neither me or Stew have an overly sweet tooth, but we do love to enjoy a nice biscuit with a cup of tea, and these chocolate sandwich ones are incredible! They are a match made in heaven with the afternoon tea too! Whether you like to dunk your biscuits or not, you are bound to love these. We’re struggling to stop ourselves from eating the entire box in one go!

Plus, ginger biscuits happen to be my favourite type of biscuit. I have fond memories of my Great Grandad always having ginger biscuits in the house when we visited, and I would spend ages dunking them in tea to be able to eat them as they were far too hard for a child of 5 years to eat! But I loved the flavour, and still do to this day. Ginger is one of my favourite spices, and it has a real festive taste about it.

Selfridges Earl Grey tea
Selfridges Christmas hamper

We also happen to be tea addicts in this household too! Whether it’s classic English breakfast tea, green tea or a fancy fruit tea, we love them all. Our cupboards are stocked high with a whole range of different tea blends. But there is always room for more! And the Selfridges Earl Grey and Afternoon Tea will take pride of place.

Selfridges Ginger Thins
Selfridges Christmas fruit cake

Finally, the best thing about this hamper (and I know this will cause some controversy), is the fact that the fruit cake is not a traditional Christmas cake, in the fact that it isn’t iced!! I can’t stand royal icing, and neither can my parents. They’re spending Christmas with us again this year, so they will be so pleased with this fruit cake. Instead, it has been sprinkled with demerara sugar for a crispy, sugary top, and is packed full of fruit. Plus, apparently a generous glug of Oak Cross whisky!

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