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Unique gift wrapping ideas

Bottles can be tricky things to wrap. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, perfume, or even hand soap like this Cowshed hand wash, they are often cylinder shaped with bits poking out here and there. When I was challenged by Marks and Spencer to share my Christmas gift wrapping techniques with you all, I jumped at the chance of wrapping something a little more unusual, as these types of presents always used to catch me out! I’d ended up with presents covered in sellotape, sharp parts of the gift poking through the paper, and sometimes it completely falling apart altogether!
Of course, you can easily buy a box to pop your gift in, to make it easier to wrap. Especially if it’s a bottle of wine, there are plenty of nice boxes on the market. However, where is the fun in that?!
No, instead, I prefer a challenge, and over the years I have perfect two techniques that I like to call upon, time and time again, when I decide to buy someone something that just will not wrap in the conventional ways.
For this particular hand wash bottle I wanted to share with you both ideas of mine. One is much easier than the other, and would be great for any beginners out there, or anyone who thinks they’re terrible at wrapping. (Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this technique!). It will transform your bottle into a Christmas cracker!
The other, is much more intricate, and needs a little bit more time to complete, a little brain power to master some basic calculations, and a large glass of wine in case it all falls apart! (It won’t really… I promise). If done right, it will hide your bottle within a gift bag made from wrapping paper. One this technique is mastered you can use it on almost anything.

Unusual Christmas gift wrapping ideas
1. Step 1 is always to cut the wrapping paper in the direction of the pattern, so that it’s facing the right way when the bottle is stood up. M&S gift wrap happens to have handy cutting lines printed on the reverse, so you  can easily cut a straight line.
2. For this particular technique you will need to use a little math and count the number of squares (or measure it out with a ruler), on the reverse side, to form 4 edges that will create the base of your gift bag. Make small incisions and fold upwards, following the cut marks, to form the sides of the bag. Plus fold along the base line where the incisions finish, to create the sides of the base. You will need to make these are deep enough so that when folded up, they all meet and overlap in the middle.
3. Secure with a little sellotape on the base and the two edges to stick them together and finish the shape.
4. Pinch the two sides and fold the top over, and again secure with a little tape to fix in place.

How to wrap a bottle
Unique Christmas wrapping techniques

Technique 2 is much easier, and you’ve probably either seen it done before, or tried it yourself.
1. Roll the bottle in wrapping paper and secure with a little sellotape.
2. Fold the bottom up and into the middle of the base of the bottle. Fasten with sellotape.
3. Scrunch the top of the wrapping paper up, by twisting slightly, but be careful not to rip the paper. Secure with some ribbon and using scissors score the ribbon to make it extra curly!
4. Cut small diagonal incisions into the top of the paper to gift the effect of the end of a Christmas cracker.

Marks and Spencer Christmas
Marks and Spencer Christmas wrapping paper

I hope you enjoyed both of my techniques, and will be giving one ago yourself this Christmas, if you happen to be wrapping a bottle of some kind. The first idea works better with card, to make it stiffer, transforming it into a gift box. You can get lots of pretty card in many colours and textures to make it more fun!
I also wanted to take the time to share some photos from a recent event I took part in with Marks and Spencer, where we spent the evening wrapping hundreds of presents for Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was such a lovely evening, for a fantastic cause. We wrapped both gifts for the children who will be spending Christmas at the hospital this year, plus all the Mum’s and Dad’s who will also be there with their children.
As we nibbled on mince pies, listened to Christmas songs, and placed each wrapped gift under the Christmas tree, I felt so festive! From here on out you can expect to see many Christmas themed posts on my blog. I have a couple of hampers, personalised Christmas gift ideas, plus much more coming your way!

Marks and Spencer Christmas gift ideas
M&S Christmas gift wrap